Clean foggy headlights with vinegar

How to clean foggy headlights with vinegar

If you have ever considered a DIY method to your headlight restoration, chances are you’ve heard about vinegar. Vinegar is a household item believed to be effective in removing discoloration from foggy headlights. Though there are several professional methods for car headlight restoration when it becomes oxidized and foggy, most people tend to look for simpler and cheaper DIY ways to clean their foggy headlights. There are indeed several DIY methods, but Vinegar stands out as being one of the most effective solutions.  This article would expose you to how vinegar helps as a headlight lens restorer, and how to use it effectively. Here is how to clean foggy headlight with vinegar

Vinegar as mentioned is more effective when mixed with other substances like baking soda. You can use vinegar as a sort of protective wax to prevent further discoloration on your headlights. Vinegar is a multi-purpose solution. It has the advantage of working well with other substances to remove dirt and grime from headlights. Below are three easy steps on how to use vinegar to remove discoloration from your foggy headlights.  But first things first, let us look at vinegar as a substance and understand exactly how it works and what makes it good. 

What is vinegar

first step of clean headlight with vinegar

If you are reading this, there is a very high chance that you have a bottle of vinegar sitting on a shelf in your kitchen or anywhere else in your house. Vinegar is a very useful substance but what is it? When wine ferments, there is a sour taste to it, even after that fermentation, the sugar in wine is further fermented to make alcohol, that fermentation brings about acetic acid and that is exactly what vinegar is. That acetic acid is the only compound that vinegar has and is responsible for the acidic nature of vinegar. 

How does vinegar work

before clean haedlights with vingar

The main reason why vinegar is so useful for various household cleaning is because of its acidic nature as a result of its only compound, acetic acid. 

Due to its acidity, it can dissolve any form of brines, soap stains, and even glue left behind by stickers. This is one of the reasons why it’s suitable to remove discoloration from foggy headlights or any other dirty, grimy, or cloudy surface.

When it comes to car lens restoration, vinegar is an amazing car lens restorer. It is effective not only when it comes to headlights, but even windows and windscreens, any glass surface that is susceptible to dirt and grime can be corrected using the right amount and right application of vinegar. 

Easy steps to restoring headlights with vinegar

spary vingear on haedlight
  1. Make a vinegar cleaning solution: the first step to take is to actually make a vinegar cleaning solution. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t a very difficult process. All you have to do is mix some vinegar with water, but you have to be careful to mix in the correct proportionality. 
    A correct and acceptable method of doing this is to mix three cups of water with one cup of vinegar. Don’t be too enthusiastic about the cleaning that you overuse the vinegar, it may turn out to do more
    harm than good. So, three cups of water to one cup of vinegar is good.
  2. Apply the solution to the headlight: now that you have a headlight lens restorer, you must apply the solution foggy headlights to remove discoloration from the foggy lens. It is very advisable to put the solution into an empty spray bottle for easy application. 
    Once in the spray bottle, spray very lavishly into the headlight lens making sure to cover the entire headlight with vinegar. Normally, it is okay to wipe it off immediately, but it is also wiser to leave the solution for a few minutes, allowing it to soak up all the dirt and be more effective in solving your cloudy headlights problem.
  3. Wipe off dirt with clean cloth: for this third step, you can use a microfiber cloth. This is for wiping off the vinegar from the headlights and restoring your cloudy and foggy headlights. Once you are done, the result is a clean and crystal clear headlight lens. 
    When you clean off the solution from the headlights, it should come off along with every dirt, grime, or coloration that was on the headlights previously. This is how vinegar helps remove discoloration from foggy headlights.

However, even after removing the solution, sometimes dirt and yellowish coloring may still remain on the lens and you may doubt the effectiveness of vinegar as a headlight lens restorer.  Don’t fret if this happens, if your headlights are still yellow or it seems like the solution didn’t work, you may need to scrub a bit harder to get the stains out. 

Also, you may also need to repeat the process more times until all the dirt and grime comes off. 

Pros of restore headlight with vinegar

  1. Easily accessible in the market
  2. Relatively affordable
  3. Comes in handy for everyday cleaning
  4. Amazing car lens restorer
  5. Can also be used to clean windows as well

Cons of restore headlight with vinegar

  1. Extreme attention needs to be taken when preparing a vinegar solution. Too much-concentrated vinegar can do more harm than good. 


From this article, we have learned that vinegar may be more useful than we may know or think. Its acidic nature is the exact reason it is very effective in removing stains and being an awesome car lean restorer. 
You also can try to use wd-40 to clean your headlights, or the Best way is to use headlights restoration kit.

The advantages of vinegar far outweigh its demerits and complexities. Vinegar may be a harsh solution, especially when concentrated, but with the proper knowledge on how to prepare it (as aforementioned in the steps), you are on your way to having a clean and clear headlight lens. When using it for headlight restoration, special care must be taken; vinegar is a very great DIY method that can be done by everybody. If you give it a try, you may be surprised at how effective the solution would turn out to remove discoloration from foggy headlights, and you also can clean the tail lights with vinegar

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