1 x Car Headlight Restoration Starter Kit - 55% OFF!

1 x Car Headlight Restoration Starter Kit
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3 x Triple Headlights Lens Restoration Kit
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Headlight Restoration Kit

Car owners need to keep a close eye on their headlight lenses to ensure the best possible visibility during night drives and to cut through the fog. Cleaning your lenses of grit and oxidation goes well beyond improving the look of your car. Cloudy, dirty, or yellowing headlights are a safety concern. Dim or foggy headlights not only cut down your visibility at night; they can also make it harder for you to see during the rain or snow. Headlight performance is crucial for safety as is keeping your lenses in like-new condition.

Cleaning Headlights

You have a few options to clean each headlight lens. One is to get a professional cleaning which can be costly, but it should avoid potential hazards such as scratching the plastic. A professional cleaning may be a good option if you’re also looking for a car wax or buffing. That way, you only have to make one stop. Another option is to attempt the cleaning yourself with household materials like soapy water, Windex, toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, and grit sandpaper before drying with a cloth or paper towels. While these are cheap options, they may not provide a deep cleaning, and sandpapers can easily cause scratches. Homemade or auto parts store solutions may also contain harsh chemicals that could ultimately do more harm than good, not to mention this route requires you to spend a lot of time and hard work on your headlight restorations. The good news is you have better options for better results using our headlight restorer kit. Our best headlight restoration kit can be used in three simple steps and can bring your cloudy headlights to optical clarity in mere minutes. Simply use our wipes to clean thoroughly, rinse, dry carefully, and apply our protective coating.

Watch How Easy it is to Use Our Wipes

Only 3 Easy Steps Under 2 Minutes

Clear Lights Tech

Step 1: Deep Cleaning

The first step is to ensure that headlights are cool before starting the cleaning process. If they’re still warm, you can rub them with a cool, damp microfiber cloth or use a spray bottle with a microfiber towel. After opening the first pack of the cleaning kit, use the wipe in a circular motion to clean the headlamp and apply a clear coat. Our solutions are all in the wipes, so you won’t need any additional rubbing compound, wool pads, or restoration discs.

Dry Well

Step 2: Dry Well

Once the plastic appears clean, you can dry it with a towel and repeat the process as necessary for the second headlamp. Ensure both are dried thoroughly before continuing to the final step.

1 x Car Headlight Restoration Starter Kit - 55% OFF!

Step 3: Protect

Open the second pack of the kit, and remove the wipe without unfolding it. The fine polish of this wipe reduces haziness in your plastic lens and yields great results while applying a protectant to your headlamps.

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