What car use H7 headlight bulbs

What car use H7 headlight bulbs

New headlights like the H7 headlights are being produced daily to make our cars safer and our vision clearer as we drive at night. These headlights are smart compared to the old halogen bulbs of the 90s. Produced by General Motors, the H7 headlight bulb makes use of a single light beam that falls around your car’s center, unlike older low beams (the H7 is frequently referred to as a “near” beam).

The J-Series lights are like the H7 design, although the H7 uses halogen lamps and has a higher wattage. But which vehicles do the H7 headlight bulb fit? Mercedes, Audi, and BMW automobiles can use these bulbs. Longer driving distances are a result of H7 headlights’ increased brightness. You can see far down the road as possible since the light is concentrated in front of you. Additionally, they won’t be blinding oncoming vehicles as a result.

For your car, there are many different types of bulbs. It can be challenging to differentiate between different types of bulbs and choose the one that will serve your needs the best. You can choose the best type of bulb to buy if you are aware of all the options. Only the H7 bulb will be the subject of this article.

What is H7 bulb

What is H7 bulb

You must know about car bulbs to understand what an H7 bulb is. For cars, there are two types of bulbs. First, the bulbs are employed for the primary, crucial tasks. These bulbs might also be used in areas of your car other than the headlights and taillights. These will undoubtedly be your brighter bulbs because they illuminate the road or warn other cars of your presence. This category includes H7 bulbs, which are mainly used as headlights. The second bulbs category includes those used as daytime running lights or signal lights. Although it is unusual, you could occasionally use an H7 bulb for these purposes.

  • Fittings

So, what does “H7” mean? H7 is a type of bulb fitting. Different bulb fittings are needed for various cars. For instance, H7 bulbs feature a two-pronged plug. Three prongs are seen on other types of headlight bulbs. Bulb fittings cannot be interchanged because of the variance in prong counts. You cannot use a bulb with three prongs instead of an H7 bulb if your vehicle requires H7 bulbs.

  • Filaments

The quantity of filaments in a bulb is another way that they vary from one another. In a conventional halogen bulb, filaments are the microscopic wires that conduct power and heat up sufficiently to provide light. The filament count of halogen headlight bulbs ranges from one to two. Single-filament bulbs are H7s. If you look closely, you’ll only find one wire inside an H7 bulb. This makes it clear that the H4 bulb offers greater convenience than most other headlight bulbs. Drivers can also save time and money by buying fewer bulbs and avoiding having to replace both the main and dipped beam lights simultaneously.

  • LED vs Halogen

The terms halogen, xenon, and LED have probably come up if you’ve done any research into the best automobile bulbs or even if you’ve just bought bulbs online in the past. These many types of bulbs are frequently used in car headlights. The typical bulb used in most autos is a halogen one. They are the cheapest, which makes them simpler to replace and a good bargain. While some prefer the more expensive xenon lamps, modern halogen bulbs are also brilliant.

Xenon lights are a more recent invention. These bulbs produce a brighter light because they contain xenon gas. Additionally, compared to a halogen bulb’s yellow light, xenon bulbs tend to have a cooler color temperature, making them appear bluer. The use of LED lamps is also very new. Since LED bulbs don’t rely on filaments that eventually burn out, they last longer. Additionally, compared to halogen bulbs, they generate a whiter light, which makes them a popular option for drivers who value aesthetics.

Both halogen and LED H7 lamps are available. However, LED H7 bulbs are not street legal when used as headlight bulbs. LED bulbs don’t illuminate the road enough to be safe for use as headlights.

H7 bulb compatibility

H7 bulb compatibility
H7 bulb compatibility

Below is a list of cars that uses the H7 bulb;

  • Audi A Series
  • Audi Q Series
  • Chevrolet Enjoy
  • Ford Fiesta (All models)
  • 2016 Hyundai Elantra
  • Mahindra Scorpio
  • Mahindra XUV500
  • Maruti Ciaz New
  • Renault Duster New
  • Renault Duster Old
  • Tata Aria
  • 2017 Toyota Fortuner
  • Toyota Innova Crysta
  • Volkswagen Polo Old

When to use H7 bulbs

Buying new headlight bulbs doesn’t have many options regarding the bulb fitting. Your vehicle determines the type of bulb required. Several BMW, Audi, and Mercedes models, as well as many others, use H7 bulbs as headlights. nevertheless, if your car headlight lenses aren’t clear enough for the beams emitting from the H7 headlight bulb to pass through, your vision would still be compromised. to fix this, ensure your car headlight lenses are clean and the best way to do that is to make use of a headlight restoration kit

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