When should you use dipped headlights and what are they

When should you use dipped headlights and what are they

High beams, Low beams, Fog lights, There are a number of terms out there when it comes to the subject of headlights. But do you know what are dipped headlights and when should you use them? If you don’t, Don’t worry. Majority of the drivers, Even experts can’t explain them easily. But in reality, this is not their fault, The driving schools never taught us, and neither we learned about them. So that’s why this blog is written specially to clear out all your doubts and confusions regarding dipped headlights and to clarify the right way of using them.

The headlights play a major role in driving at night. Using the wrong headlights not only causes pullovers by cops but could also end up in a serious road accident. So you must learn How to use your car’s headlights? To make your journey safe.

There are three main types of headlights present in every vehicle regardless of the model you own:

  • Dipped Headlights/Low Beam
  • High Beam
  • Fog Lights

Dipped Headlights

Dipped Headlights

As the name suggests dipped headlights are placed in front of your vehicle with special adjustment to point downward. Unlike high beams, When seen from front dipped headlights will not produce glare or cause dazzling eyes. Sometimes they are also referred to as low beams. In most cars, they are connected with high beams and work in coordination to produce the right amount of light. Dipped headlights are specially designed to give you a better vision of the road ahead at a short distance. Unfortunately with time dipped headlights do get oxidized and require restoration to bring their glow back.

When to use them

These are your daily driving partner at night. Since they are angled downward they assist you in driving in cities and streets at night. The advantage of using dipped headlights is they don’t produce glare at upcoming traffic avoiding serious accidents due to the dazzling eyes.

High Beams

Headlight  High Beam

Sometimes high beams and dipped headlights are embedded in a single bulb and they work by switching the lever to a specific direction. But most of the time they are placed separately in your car’s headlights. Unlike the dipped headlights, the High beam aims at a large distance on the road giving you a clear view of the distant things. They are specially designed to use where the visibility is considerably low, Maybe due to rain or poor lighting of streets.

When to use them

This is an area where the majority of drivers make a mistake. When visibility is poor, they feel a high beam should be utilized. However, there are certain instances where utilizing them might result in catastrophic traffic accidents. They are intended to focus on distant things because they are meant to do so, they produce glare in the eyes of upcoming traffic causing them temporary blindness. This vision loss can result in a serious road accident. Apart from that, they also cause unnecessary pullovers by the cops. So it is highly advised to use them wisely while driving at night.

Fog Lights

Fog Lights

As it sounds, Fog lights are exclusively designed to drive on foggy days where visibility is seriously low. In most cars, fog lights are usually installed on the car bumpers. But now many car manufacturers have started putting them in the main headlights.

The fog lights have the special tendency to pass through the fog which normal headlights couldn’t. They can easily pass through the fog giving you a better idea of the surroundings and at the same time notifies the other drivers about your position on the road.

When to use them

As I said they are specifically designed for foggy days. So use them when there is too much fog and visibility is almost zero. They can help in alerting the incoming traffic about your presence and at the same time gives you a better vision of the road on a foggy day.


Since you are reading this. I’m sure that you have gone through this blog and now you know a lot more about headlights than before. But this is not the end of it. There are several things that you should learn about your car’s headlights. Those things will not only guarantee a safe journey at night but will also save you a lot in terms of repairs and maintenance. I highly recommend you visit the site: https://headlightrestore.us/. There you can find several blogs about cars headlights ranging from different types of headlights to restoring your headlights at home. Plus you can also find a cool Headlight Restoration Kit for your car that can save you a huge fortune on repairs.

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