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Headlights Restore Wipes – developed in 2014, and for the past two years has been used at many auto bodies, garages and car washes, with excellent results. Use of the kit decreases the cloudiness of headlights and provides a new and shiny look, without damaging the headlights. In addition, Clear Lights Tech provides a protective layer from ultraviolet light, so that the headlights remain clean for many months without the need to replace them.

Headlights Restore Wipes enables anyone to achieve professional-grade headlight restoration at a fraction of the cost. Cleaning of both headlights takes less than two minutes and involves three simple steps, which are clearly described on the package.

Please note: This product does not remove fungus or calcium buildup as a result of past polishing of the headlights. For fungus or calcium buildup, the headlight should be polished with 2000 grit sandpaper. After the calcium/fungus has been removed, Headlights Restore Wipes may be used for cleaning/ polishing and renewing the protective coating.

It is recommended to watch the instruction video here:

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