Top 5 car detailing hacks

Top 5 car detailing hacks


For the longest time, John had a car sitting in his garage. This car looked ugly as he had not used it in years. You might be wondering why he had not sold the car if he didn’t have use for it. After all, even the selling of car parts can bring in money. 

But John had other plans. He was waiting till he had time so he could do good car detailing on the vehicle. His goal was for the car to look brand new when he decides to sell it. 

It almost seemed impossible. However, when John did the car detailing which includes the headlights restoration using restoration kits, no one could remember that ugly car that always sat in his garage. Now, because of its detailing, the value of the car went up! In case you are new to the concept or haven’t tried detailing your car, car detailing is the process of transforming a car into a beautiful state. 

Here are some of the hacks John used for car detailing:

Change the car tire 
  • Change the tire 

If your car has been sitting in the garage for years, you know it would be flat by now. But, instead of pumping gas into it, a car detailing hack would be to change the tires. Why? You do not know the reliability of the old tires. So, a new pair would come in handy. Besides, the old tire could have expired. Aside from that, the resale value of your vehicle would be higher when it has new tires. In the same vain, new tires on a car also give it a unique look in a way.  

Change the car leather set 
  • Change the leather 

The beauty of anything usually depends on both the exterior and the interiors. But unfortunately, some people typically focus on only the bodies most of the time. So how does the inside of your car look? Does it look like something that would make one throw up once they see it? 

If you plan to carry out car detailing, you need to ensure that your upholstery looks nice. It includes ensuring that there is no wear and tear on the leather. Sometimes, you might only need to clean up the leather. Whatever decision you want to opt-in for, knowing basic car maintenance tips would help. 

Do a spray paint job
  • Do a spray paint job 

You have noticed that some of the paint on the car is peeling off, and there are bashes or scratches on other sides. Ideally, what you should do is carry out a spray job. You can do this on your own or take it to a professional. 

What matters is that people fall in love with the car after you do the spray job. It is the only way you can say that you did an efficient car detailing job. 

Do a spray paint job 
  • Use olive oil on your dashboard 

When people talk about car care or car detailing, they tend to forget the dashboard. But a shining dashboard will increase the value of your vehicle. 

One car detailing hack anyone can do is to use olive oil on your dashboard. A little application of this oil from your kitchen will leave your dashboard sparkling and shining like the first day you drove it off the lot. Getting olive oil is never a hassle, so this hack is not out to stress you.  

Use a Headlight Restoration Kit to Restore the Headlights
  • Use a Headlight Restoration Kit to Restore the Headlights

Sometimes, you may notice that your car headlights are not shining brightly. In such a case, you might want to check as different factors can make this happen. For example, it is not always the case of a faulty bulb. But if it was, here is how to change your headlights.

With that out of the way, when last did you clean your headlights? Many people never think to do this. Others usually ask what they can use in cleaning their headlight.

One hack is to use a Headlight restoration wipe. Headlight restoration wipe comes in the restoration kit you buy from your local store or online. To use this kit, kindly unpack your kit and find a user manual with all the steps in it. While you need to be careful so that you do not break the glass. We recommend you learn how to clean car headlights before you get started. 


With the above hacks, we hope that car detailing will never be challenging again. Instead, you can now teach others these tricks. 

Try them now and drop a comment below. 

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