Bumper mounted headlight system

Bumper mounted headlight system – a trend or a fab?

Headlights can make or mar the design of a car. They are considered one of the most important aspects of a car’s look when it comes to a vehicle’s appearance and style. This is why the past few years have seen a tremendous shift in the way cars are designed. From the original style of featuring just two round glass headlights at each side of a car to LED bumper-mounted headlights, the auto manufacturing industry is facing a tough competition that can only get tougher due to the increasing demand for bumper-mounted headlights. 

Before this trend, car bumpers were at first just rigid metal bars that were later replaced by rubber in 1901 to absorb the impact of a collision. Now, from what seems to be an optional accessory in the mid-1910s, car bumpers are constantly improved and are made more substantial with added features such as bumper headlights for better safety while driving. However, as with headlights, bumper lights can go bad, burn out, get oxidized, and would need to be replaced or restored using restoration wipes. So, how would you know the right bumper lights for your car if you are to replace one or both of the lights? 

Safety tips and style: choosing the right bumper headlights 

choosing the right bumper headlights

Car headlights and taillights are a very crucial part of a vehicle’s customized safety feature, especially when driving at night or during adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog e.t.c. While these lights enable you to see far ahead of you and inform oncoming traffic of your presence on the road to avoid a collision or other road accidents, you shouldn’t forget to also pay attention to your bumper lights. Bumper lights provide additional illumination. In a situation where your vehicle’s main headlights aren’t bright enough, your bumper lights can illuminate the road and keep you safe. 

Since Bumper lights are closer to the ground than the main headlights, they also enable you to see the road better to avoid potholes and obstructions faster. If you are planning to replace your car’s bumper lights, the first thing to understand is that they come in different colors, styles, and fitting. So, choosing the right pair for your vehicle may seem challenging unless you read the tips below. 

Things to consider when selecting a bumper light for replacement 

bumper light for replacement

Safety features

Because of the bumper light’s location which is close to the ground, they are constantly exposed and prone to damaging elements on the road. To ensure your newly purchased bumper lights don’t get damaged after a short period, pick a bumper light with resistance to humidity, electric shock, rain, snow, and fog. Check if they come with sealed weather-tight connections, impact resistance housing for minimal breakage in case of a collision, UV protection against sun rays, and have been tested in a simulated weather condition. We also recommend you get a bumper light with LED bulbs for brighter beam output when driving at night.  


The type of style you want for your bumper lights can be determined by your choice of bumper lenses. Smoked and Clear bumper light lenses are a great option because they help amplify the bulb’s beam that illuminates onto the road. Clear bumper lights can fit all kinds of vehicle models while smoked color lenses project a more customized and tough look. There are also amber colors but it won’t matter much if you are the type that wants your car to stand out. The reason is that the amber color bumper light lens is quite rampant. However, irrespective of the color you choose, for more durability, you can select a glass lens instead of a plastic bumper light material. Additionally, ensure your bumper lens matches the color of your bumper light bulb so the beam emitted won’t be filtered out. You can also decide to tint your lights with black or chrome to give it a superb look. 

How much does it cost to replace a bumper light? 

How much does it cost to replace a bumper light

Wondering how much it costs to buy or replace your bumper lights? Well, it might surprise you to know that standard bumper lights with design and features cost less than $50. However, it’s possible that you get some for up to $500 depending on the quality of the bulb. While a high-performing bulb with customized styling is priced between $150 and $300, if you are working on a rigid budget, you can get a standard bumper light from $50 to $150. With this, you can acquire a fully functioning bumper light without spending a fortune. 

Bumper lights installation: what you need to know 

Bumper lights installation

Since bumper lights are crucial to your safety as a driver, it’s important that you repair or replace them immediately if they get bad. To help you install your bumper lights without needing to visit your auto rewire store, follow the steps below:  

Tools needed

  • Flathead Screwdriver 
  • Phillips-head Screwdriver

Step One: Using a ¼ inch flathead screwdriver, remove the outer layer of your bumper light housing. You can do this by, inserting the screwdriver under the edge of the light housing and prying it off. NB: ensure you wrap the screwdriver with a cloth to avoid any damage to the bumper light housing. 

Step Two: After removing the outer layer, take off the inner layer of the housing as well and pull out the burned bumper light by twisting the socket counterclockwise to detach the bulb and the socket from the bumper light assembly. 

Step Three: After detaching the bad bulb, check out the position of the two tabs at the bottom of the old bulb and reattach the new bulb in the same manner. Once its properly fitted, turn the bulb clockwise and reinstall the inner housing as well as the outer layer of the bumper light housing. To conclude your installation, tighten the screws on the bumper light housing. 


Maintaining your car lightning systems is vital for their durability. Sometimes, its not the bulb that causes your bumper lights to illuminate poorly but the lens itself. Should this be the case, you can easily restore your lights using tools like a restoration kit and have them looking bright as new. To get a restoration kit that’s compatible with your headlights and bumper lights, click here to order and have it shipped to your location with ease. 

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