car cleaning hacks that willl restore your dim headlights

Top 5 car cleaning hacks that willl restore your dim headlights

Headlights are part of the most important components in a car and without them, driving at night would be totally impossible. However, there are instances where driving at night would be considered impossible or risky despite having a working headlight bulb attached to your car. This is true when your car headlights are “dimmed” as a result of oxidation and needs car headlight restoration

It’s often said that you can only drive as far as you can see at night and when your car headlights are dimmed; your visibility would be reduced. It’s also worth remembering that, since headlights are considered safety critical, you can be pulled over by the police if they think your car’s headlights violate the US headlight laws, are too dim, or foggy to be dangerous to other road users. 

Luckily, car headlights are easy to restore and these simple five hacks below would restore your dim headlights to be as bright as new!

Car Cleaning Hack 1:  Bug Spray 

Car Cleaning Hack 1 - Clean Dim headllights with Bug Spray

I know what you’re thinking – “but bug spray is an insect repellant”? Of course it is! However, this hack is one of the most popular DIY methods to car cleaning and it is said to have worked wonders when tried. 


  • It’s easy to apply
  • Bug sprays are inexpensive 
  • Using bug spray saves you some money


  • It can eat up your car plastic cover if not carefully applied 
  • The results is temporary 

Step One

To get started, wash your car headlights with an automotive soap and water thoroughly and allow them to dry properly. You can decide to clean them with a towel to quicken the frying process. 

Step Two

Get any bug spray but ensure it contains DEET. If you don’t have an insect repellant at home, you can easily purchase one from any of your local stores at a very affordable price. 

Step Three

Shake the can of bug repellant and spray directly on a microfiber towel. (Do not apply the bug spray directly on your car headlight lens to avoid any damage to your plastic headlight cover).  

Step Four

Lastly, using your microfiber towel, clean the entire area of your oxidized headlight lens to clear every buildup and debris which have caused your headlight beam to appear dimmed. When you are done, rinse off the bug spray residuals and enjoy your clean headlights. 

Car Cleaning Hack 2: Glass Cleaner & Automotive Polish

Car Cleaning Hack 2 - Glass Cleaner and Automotive Polish for restore dim headlights

The next most common DIY car cleaning hack is the use of glass cleaners and automobile polish. In this hack, the automobile polish is used to loosen debris and buildups while the glass cleaner serves as the main cleaning solution. 


  • It’s said to be effective 
  • It’s easy to apply 
  • The method is cost effective 


  • Its results might last a few months

Step One

Gather all the necessary materials. For this hack, you will need a glass cleaner, masking tape, microfiber towel, water, and automobile polish. 

Step Two 

Begin the cleaning process by masking off the area surrounding your headlights with a tape to protect your car paint and wear gloves if you have sensitive skin. 

Step Three

Spray your car headlight lenses with your glass cleaner, allow it to soak for a few seconds, and wipe off the solution in a circular motion from your headlights using a microfiber towel. 

Step Four 

Apply your automobile polish on another clean microfiber towel and apply it on the cleaned surface of your car headlights. Add as much polish as needed until you see your desired results. For a faster application, you can use a drilling tool and a buffer. 

Lastly, rinse rigorously and apply a car wax to protect your car headlights against future oxidation damage.

Car Cleaning Hack 3: Salt and Dish Soap

Car Cleaning Hack 3 - restore dim headlights with Salt and Dish Soap

Have you heard of the salty headlight cleaning solution? If you haven’t heard or tried this hack, here is your chance to learn it. 


  • It’s very easy to prepare 
  • It’s said to be effective to an extent 
  • The solution is inexpensive 


  • The results may not be permanent 

If you would rather not work with a glass cleaner or a bug spray, you can try the salty water and dish soap solution. 

Step One

Like the glass cleaner solution, the first step to the salt and dish soap mixture is to gather your supplies. For this hack, you will need about six cups of warm water, two tablespoons of salt, and about two tablespoons of dish washing soap.

Step Two

Mix both substances until the salt dissolves and pour in a spray bottle if you have one. With your solution, gently scrub your headlight with a sponge dipped in the mixture. 

NB: The purpose of the salt is to serve as an abrasive agent like the vinegar method of cleaning headlights. While the dish soap dissolves the grime and debris on the surface of your headlight. 

Step Three

Rinse off the salt and dish soap mixture and dry your car headlights thoroughly with a clean microfiber towel 

Car Cleaning Hack 4: Dish Soap, Vinegar, and Baking Soda

Car Cleaning Hack 4- restore dim headlights with Dish Soap Vinegar, and Baking Soda

If you are looking for a DIY method with that extra kick, then you can try this hack which combines the three most popular household car headlight cleaners. 


  • The solution is easy to develop 
  • It’s said to be very effective 
  • The cost of procuring the solution is less


  • The results might last for a few months 

Step One 

Wash your car headlight with an automotive soap and allow drying for some seconds so you can have a clean surface to work on. 

Step Two

Put your dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda in a spray can and spray directly on your car headlight lens. You can allow the solution to stay for some minutes so as to dissolve every fog and debris that might have built up on the car headlight lens. 

Step Three

Using a sponge, wash your car headlight thoroughly to remove the dissolved dirt and wash away the remaining particles with warm water. 

Lastly, rinse your car headlight and dry them rigorously with a clean microfiber towel for a cleaner and sleeker appearance. 

Car Cleaning Hack 5: Headlight Restoration Kit 


If you have tried all the above hacks and you still haven’t attained your desired results, I would suggest you give headlight restoration a trial – Not just any headlight restoration kits, I recommend using clear light tech restoration kits. While there are several headlight restoration kits out there which likely use the same technique and materials, I recommend the clear light tech’s product because in my opinion it’s very easy to use and very effective. 


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s effective and works fast 
  • The results are much more durable 
  • no tools needed


  • You only get to use each kit ones

Step One

Park your car away from direct sunlight and wear your car headlight with automotive soap. Rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry or wipe off the water with a clean towel. 

Step Two

Take out your pack of CLT restoration kit and wipe your headlights with the restoration wipe found inside the kit and allow staying for some seconds. The restoration wipe is equipped with an advanced solution that quickly dissolves the dirt and debris build ups on your car headlight. 

Step Three 

Pick the second restoration wipe from your kit and clean off the dissolved dirt from your car headlight. The second wipe is designed to take off the left overs of the first solution and all the debris that wasn’t removed during the first application. 

NB: When you are done, do not wash your car headlight immediately. Allow for some hours before washing for a more durable result. 

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