How to replace headlights on Mini Cooper

How to replace headlights on Mini Cooper

There are not many things that are more frustrating than getting stuck with burned-out headlights on a night or after a rough summer thunderstorm, especially if you’re in a hurry or if it’s in a case of an emergency. You don’t have to wait till you’re stopped in your tracks (or parking lot) with headlights that won’t come on before you get them changed.

While the signs that your headlights are about to give up are obvious such as dimming headlights, flickering headlights, uneven beams when turned on, or burnt-out lights, most drivers tend to ignore them until it’s too late. 

You should change your headlights if they show signs such as:

  1. They are dim
  2. The headlights flicker 
  3. They are uneven when turned on 
  4. They don’t come on at all 

You can certainly change a bulb that needs replacement yourself, but before you start, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

The first is that you should go through your owner’s manual before you start any kind of repair or replacement. You should also not protect yourself, especially if working on the electrical part of your car. Lastly, you should not touch a new bulb with your bare hands or any surface that has the oil from your skin; this can cause the new bulb to burn out faster. 

If you do need to change your car headlights, fret not, with his article you can do it yourself but before we dive in, let’s take a look at the different prices of a Mini Cooper headlights to help you budget and plan your actual headlight replacement. 

Prices of Mini Cooper headlights by model

Prices of Mini Cooper headlights by model
Car makeModelApplication Product Price
Mini Cooper2010Black LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights Spyder®$400 – $420
Mini Cooper2011 
Mini Cooper Convertible with Factory Halogen Headlights 
Chrome Halo Projector Headlights with Parking LEDs Spec-D®$280 – $300
Mini Cooper2012 
Mini Cooper Convertible / Hatchback
Remanufactured OE HeadlightReplace® $280 – $350
Mini Cooper 2013 Mini Cooper with Factory Halogen Headlights Chrome DRL Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal Spec-D®$290 – $320
Mini Cooper2014 
Mini Cooper Convertible / Hatchback without Auto Leveling Headlights with Factory Halogen Headlights
Replacement Headlight TYC® $180 – $200
Mini Cooper2015 
Mini Cooper Convertible / Hatchback with Factory Halogen Headlights 
Driver Side Replacement HeadlightTruParts® $220 – $250

How to change the headlights on a mini cooper

How to change the headlights on a mini cooper

While working on your vehicle, ensure to protect your eyes, hands, and body from fluids, dust, and debris. If you’re working on the electrical system, disconnect the battery before beginning. And in case there is fluid waste, catch them in appropriate containers and dispose of them accordingly.

Before you start, the first step is to power down your car, to ensure safety, remove the key out of the ignition and prop open the hood.

To access the Mini cooper headlights bulb, you’ll first have to remove the headlight assembly. 

To remove the headlights assembly, start by removing the four assembly fasteners; two are at the top and the other two are at the bottom.

Once removed, slide the headlight assembly far enough so that you can reach the electrical connector at the back. 

Pull out the connector by squeezing the release tabs and remove the headlight assembly from the vehicle.

Before you reach the bulb, remove the bulb access door by pressing the release tab and removing it. There should be upper and lower mounts, so fold down and then pull it out of the lower mounts 

Disconnect the headlight electrical connector by pressing on the release tab and pulling the connector straight off the headlight. Then, remove the old bulb by rotating it and removing it from the headlight 

To install the new bulb, put it in, and reverse all the steps you’ve taken so you can put everything back

You can do this on the other side and then test your lights to ensure they’re working.


While mini cooper headlight replacement is inevitable at some point in a vehicle’s life, it is considered costly especially when you need to replace your headlights all the time. The best alternative to replacing your headlights regularly and cutting down on cost is to make use of a headlight restoration kit. These kits like the Clear light tech restoration wipe are designed to remove buildups and oxidation from headlights with a single application. The best part is that these wipes can be bought per sarchet for a one-off application or in multiple kits for future headlight restoration – Thus, saving you lots of money. 

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