How to replace headlights on Lincoln

How to replace headlights on Lincoln

How would you feel if the major reason for the dent on your car is due to a bad headlight? You definitely would feel bad knowing that you could have avoided the oncoming vehicle if you had spotted it on time. 

While dings and dents on automobiles don’t necessarily happen due to having a bad headlight or being involved in a collision, replacing your bad headlight bulb is relatively important not only because it protects you as the driver and your car, but also because it protects other motorists, especially at night. 

Having properly functioning car headlights is very crucial and aids visibility, which is why most states in America have laws regarding headlights to help regulate the use of headlights so as to ensure they are used properly in order not to inconvenience another road user.  Now, the government would not get involved if it wasn’t important, right?

So on this note, you have to be very proactive when it comes to your headlights, and being proactive does not just mean cleaning and making sure it’s working. Although headlight replacements vary according to different car brands and models, one thing is consistent, you can always restore your vehicle’s headlight lens using a headlight restoration kit or wipe. 

This way, you are safe and your headlights pose no threat to other road users irrespective of your position on the road or the weather condition. You may be wondering “how then  does one replace their headlights lens”? Well, if you drive a Lincoln car model, it’s only a matter of following the steps below. But before we get right into it, let’s take a look at why you should care for your car headlights

Why you must pay attention to your headlights

Why you must pay attention to your Lincoln headlights

As mentioned earlier, your headlights are extremely important and as such, there are a lot of benefits to paying close attention to them. Here are some advantages to having good headlights: 

  1. Clear Vision: 

Despite the darkness at night, the headlights obviously make you see the road clearer, and as such, you cannot afford to compromise on the life and outlook of your headlights. 

  1. Protects Other Drivers

Supposing you’re coming towards a bend, and you have bad headlights. Maybe they aren’t bright or completely burnt out, an incoming vehicle may not notice you and you may be headed for a full on collision simply because of faulty headlights. 

  1. Helps Deflect Other Lights

If you’ve ever driven at night before, you’ll know that the lights of incoming vehicles can be very distracting and the rays seem to filter right into your own eyes and a hack for that problem is not to focus on the incoming lights, but on your own. 

Either way, because of your lights, you can deflect the incoming lights and still focus on the road ahead of you.

Never underestimate the importance of having good headlights, so if your headlights are faulty, replace them as soon as possible.

Good news is, you can do it yourself in these simple steps: 

How to change Lincoln headlights

How to change Lincoln headlights
  1. First, you need to take out the radiator shield to give you access to the headlight assembly by removing the bolts there, they should be three in number and you can remove them with a wrench. 
  1. You need to ensure the light assembly reaches the wiring harness connections located behind the bulb so you have to pull the light assembly far enough, then pull the connections apart. 
  1. Now, you should position the assembly at the front of the car, replacing the mounting bolts then tighten with a wrench. 
  1. Do this same thing for the second headlight, close back the hood and test the headlights. You should be parked in front of a wall so you can properly access the lights. Do this preferably indoors in your garage. 


Now that you are done replacing your headlights, you might want to also buy a Headlight restoration kit. The reason is that, like every other new car headlights out there, your headlamps will experience oxidation due to the effect of sun rays and harsh weather conditions. But with a headlight restoration wipe at your disposal, you can always get rid of oxidation to maintain the brightness of your headlight. 

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