How to replace headlights on Genesis

How to replace headlights on Genesis

Headlights are very crucial especially when driving at night. Most state laws mandate driving with your headlights on at night when visibility is low and during adverse weather conditions like snow, rain, and fog because these conditions make it harder to see other vehicles.  So, it is vital to be intentional when it comes to your headlights. Check your headlights regularly to avoid getting a ticket from the police and also for your safety and that of other road users.

While modern headlights last for years, it is important to be able to know how to tell when the headlights of your car need to be replaced.

Signs that indicate when to replace your headlights

  1. They flicker on their own

If your turn on your headlights and they flicker on and off on their own, then it’s a sign that you should change them before they flicker off and never come on again 

  1. They are dim 

Headlight bulbs, like the bulbs of your lamp, are clear and bright when you first get them. But with time, they may grow dim, they may grow dim. When your headlights provide low illumination, then it’s also a sign for you to start looking to get them replaced.

  1. They burn out 

One or both headlights can burn out. If one burns out, the other one usually follows soon after. It’s unsafe to use just one headlight as driving with one headlight can get you pulled over and so in such a situation, it is best to replace both headlights so that the beams would not be uneven when you replace just one.

 Now that you know the signs to look out for, you know when to change your headlights. The next issue is how to change the headlights of your car. This article has the steps to take when changing the bulbs of your headlights.  Note that headlight bulbs are incredibly fragile, so it’s important to be careful when handling and replacing them. With that being said, knowing the price of the headlight replacement part of your car type and model is important to help you bargain your way through the market. To help you with that, here is a list of the different prices of Genesis car headlights replacement parts according to car model. 

Prices of Genesis car headlights by model and products

Prices of Genesis car headlights by model and products
Car Type Car model ApplicationProductPrice 
Genesis2015Headlight replacement
Morimoto® – Apollo 2.0 Flat Gloss Black Retrofit Projector Shrouds 
$32 – $80
Oracle Lighting® – 2″ High/Low Beam Round 7.1 Series Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors m
$67 – $90
Genesis2017Headlight replacement
Grote® – 12″x6″ Rectangular Black Euro Headlights With Turn Signal/Parking Light 
$145 – $170
Genesis2018Headlight replacementOracle Lighting® – 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Acura TL Style Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors m$179 – $200
Genesis 2019Headlights
Race Sport® – High/Low Beam Round G5 CCFL Halo Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors m
$181 – $200
Genesis 2020Headlight replacement
Oracle Lighting® – 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors m
$89.7 – $100

Steps to replace the headlights of Genesis car

Steps to replace the headlights of Genesis car

The first step to take is to prop open the hood of the car 

Next, to change a bulb on your Genesis, you’ll have to open the cover of the bulb

Find the access hatch to your optical block

You will then have to clear the access of this one, that’s where it gets challenging on some series, the access is sometimes problematic, and making room by removing the parts that obstruct may seem too challenging. In general, one side is easy and the other is more difficult.

Once you’ve accessed the hatch, all you have to do is open it, take out your old bulb and replace the low beam bulb on your car

Be sure you put everything back in place, keeping in mind to put everything you moved to access the headlight block of your car.

You can then repeat the procedure on the other side if you need to change the bulbs of the headlights on both sides of your car. When you’re done, test the new headlights to be sure they work. 


Now that you know how to change the headlights on your Genesis car, you might also want to know how to maintain your car headlights for them to last longer. While it’s easier to say washing your headlights and keeping them clean regularly would make them durable, the results of doing only that are temporary and minimal. However, using kits like the headlight restoration wipe, you can be sure to always have a sparkling headlight that’s free from oxidation. 

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