Headlights Restoration Kits Comparison

Headlights restoration kits comparison 2020

The emergence of headlight restoration kits have been a great development in the Automobile industry. Gone are the days where a foggy or yellowish coloured looking headlight meant a complete replacement or a drive to the mechanic’s store. With a good headlight restoration kit, you can renew your headlight lenses back to the state they were when you first bought your car without causing any harm to the vehicle’s frame. Furthermore, it’s very important to note here that not all restoration kits are the same in effectiv eness and usage. Thus, the need for headlights restoration kits comparison. In fact, some products are better than others in terms of long lasting effects; a quality that isn’t always described by their packaging or stated by the manufacturer. 

For these reasons it’s very essential that you have an in-depth idea of the type of product that really works, it’s features, and durability before going ahead to buy one. To save you the trouble, we carried out an in-depth research and have tested several products the market has to offer and have put up a very comprehensive list of headlights restoration kits comparison 2020 to guide you by hand so you can make the best decision when next you are shopping for a headlight restoration kit. 

The top 5 best headlights restoration kits comparison (Buying Guide) in 2020

Best Headlights Restoration Kits

Everyday you drive your vehicle – whether to work, to the grocery store, to see a friend, or just for entertainment is a day short of your vehicle’s headlights lifespan due to its exposure to various weather and environmental conditions. When it comes to car headlights, the one thing you want to do is to regularly wash and clean them. However, this process isn’t all encompassing and with time, you would start to notice some yellowish discoloration or foggy build-ups. At this junction, what you truly need is a full restoration – especially one that involves the use of a headlight restoration kit. To get started, check out our top 5 best headlight restoration kits below. 

Clear lights tech (CLT) headlights restoration kit

Clear Lights Tech (CLT) Headlights Restoration Kit

California-based (CLT) Clear Lights Tech produces world-class restore wipes and their headlights restoration kits are renowned for their quick fix and lasting results. Doesn’t matter how foggy or discolored your headlights appear. If you are in the market to obtain the best restoration kit that’s easy to use with durable results, then, the Clear Light Tech is your best bet. It includes two restore wipes and one finishing coating wipe for protection against UV rays, air pollution, and debris. While it may take about 5 to 15 minutes to follow it’s steps to restore your headlights perfectly, the results speak for themselves. 


  • Includes two powerful restoration wipes.
  • No buffing tools needed. 
  • Easy to use in three simple steps.
  • Features one advance coating wipe. 
  • Fast reaction time. 


  • Single use per pack 

Visbella DIY headlight restoration kit

When it comes to faster delivery, this DIY Headlight restoration kit from Visbella is the second on our list. Equipped with a sponge, sanding discs, and a protective coating, the results after the use of these products is said to last about a year.  However, one thing is sure about Visbella DIY headlight restoration kit is that it’s easy to use. Unlike the CLT headlight  restoration kit, Visbella requires drilling tools for buffing. Although, there isn’t a description on how long the results last like CLT, if you are in a bit of a bind and would like a quick Headlight polish, then this product is for you. 


  • Includes drilling sponge which makes the work faster.
  • Simple method of restoration with three steps. 
  • Features a protective coating and abrasive polish. 


  • Requires a drill for optimum results
  • There is no guarantee on how long it lasts
  • The solution takes longer to dry 

Turtle wax headlight lens restorer 

The Turtle wax headlight lens restorer is just another top-notch product you might want to try before your next car inspection. Notable for its quick delivery, it is said that it clears up yellowish discoloration within five minutes of application. But, there is a downside to this amazing product. Unlike Clear lights tech headlight restoration kit and Visbella DIY restoration kit, Turtle wax doesn’t include a final protective film against UV rays and harsh weather conditions. However, the Turtle Wax headlight lens restorer kits are easy to use and work on all plastic headlight covers and other surfaces like plexiglass and windows.


  • Includes different polishing abrasive from 2000 grits to 8,000 grits. 
  • Fast delivery time.
  • No drilling tools needed. 


  • No protective coating against UV rays. 
  • Results aren’t durable.
  • Requires a lot of procedure. 

Blue magic headlight lens restorer

Aside from CLT headlight restoration kits, if you are in the market for a cheap quick fix, then you can consider the blue Magic Headlight lens restorer. Although it didn’t perform as other headlight restoration kits above, if you were to wet sand your headlight before the application of this kit, it might just perform wonderfully as the rest. However, from our comparison, the Blue Magic headlight lens restorer could be suitable for the restoration of headlight lenses with minor oxidation problems. 


  • Relatively cheap compared to most headlight restoration kits.
  • Very easy to use. 
  • Doesn’t not require a drilling tool.


  • Results are quite temporary.
  • Does not include a protective coating against UV rays.

3M heavy duty headlight restoration kit

Manufactured by the producers of 3M headlight restoration kit, the 3M heavy duty is said to be designed for super foggy or yellowish looking headlights. The kit is equipped with both masking tape and sanding disc so you don’t damage your paint job while sanding your headlight lens. When compared with the Clear Light Tech headlight restoration and the Visbella DIY headlight restoration kit, we found out that the CLT headlight reacts faster and it’s more easily to use. However, if you are the type that enjoys making use of power tools such as the drill, then, you would love the 3M heavy duty headlight restoration kit. 


  • Features a protective clear coat against UV rays. 
  • Intended for heavily oxidized headlights.
  • It can be used on different surfaces. 


  • Requires the use of an electric drill.
  • It’s more expensive.
  • Except knowledge is required.
Headlights Restore

Which Car Headlights Restoration Wipe is Easier to Use?

Which Car Headlights Restoration Wipe is Easier to Use

Headlight restoration wipes are intended to quickly restore dulled, yellowed, and oxidized car lenses but the processes of some of these restoration kits are so complicated that you need to be a professional detailer to apply them. 

While the results from these headlight restoration kits aren’t permanent and would require additional tools like drill, buffing pads, grits, and mask tapes, they still can’t address critical situations like accumulated condensation and the effect of sunlight degradation. 

However, with the new Clear Light Tech Restoration Kit, these challenges are resolved. Clear Light Tech restoration kit was manufactured with user-friendliness in mind. It is said to be the most easier restoration wipe to use on a car headlight lens

Headlight restoration with or without a UV coating, which is the best?

Headlight restoration with or without a UV coating

The function of a UV coating to a car headlight is highly underrated. UV coating serves as a protective barrier between oxidation factors like intense Sunray, UV lights, road dirt, debris, and your car headlight lens. 

Once any headlight is restored, the protective film which accompanied it as a new vehicle would have been removed by the restoration solution or weakened by oxidation. Without adding a UV coating after restoration, your car headlights go back to bring oxidized before your next car wash 

This is because there isn’t any protective barrier to slow down the direct effect of the sun or UV rays. So, if you are asking which is the best between restoring headlight without adding UV coating and restoring headlights with UV coating, I would recommend you restore your car headlights and apply a UV coating so the results can last longer.


Selecting the right headlight restoration kit for your vehicle would greatly depend on how bad your car is oxidized, your budget, and the method of applying the restoration kit. For this reason, after comparing some of the best headlight restoration kits for 2020, we found out that the CLT headlight restoration kit is a better choice in terms of budget, simplicity, effectiveness, and durability. With only a 3-step method of application, you can apply the solution of CLT to any headlight lens including restoring sealed headlights irrespective of how oxidized or discolored it appears. 

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