How to adjust Tesla headlight brightness

How to adjust Tesla headlight brightness

It is necessary to adjust the brightness of your Tesla headlights since, in some situations, the factory settings for headlamp leveling are not ideal. First, take your Model to a trustworthy auto repair facility (better if it is Tesla approved), which has the tools to assess headlight levels and angles as the initial step in changing your headlight brightness. The automobile must be in PARK to make the headlamp adjustment. Go to “Controls” > “Service” > “Adjust Headlights” on the central touchscreen UI to access the headlight adjustment settings.

The headlight adjustment interface then shows up on the screen and allows you to select one headlight at a time for adjustment (see screenshots below). You may now use the “left steering controls (roller ball)” to change the headlamp levels (up and down) and angles (left and right). The screen warns the owner that a qualified technician should only perform the headlight adjustment; however, if you’re at a repair center and have the necessary tools to measure corrective headlight corrections, you may disregard this warning.

No “Factory Reset” or “Undo” button is available here, so proceed cautiously.

Four steps to adjust Tesla headlight

Four Steps To Adjust Tesla Headlight

Two main issues with your Tesla lights need to be addressed. First, due to their abnormally low light intensity, they may blind other drivers or fail to illuminate the road adequately. A poor fit can, in any event, be dangerous. However, if you have chosen to replace your headlights, this issue could arise suddenly. You might unintentionally ruin the light’s setting—especially the ability to install LED lights or swap out a bad bulb. Consequently, understanding how to adjust the lighting in your Tesla car effectively is helpful.

In this way, inappropriate adjustment of the lights on your Tesla might result in a Third Category citation that could be worth more than €68, given that the lighting on your car allows you to see but also makes you visible to other drivers. Be aware that headlight prices range from € 29 to € 34. We’ll show you how to adjust your headlights relatively simply so you can prevent this. Follow the following process to adapt your tesla headlight,

  1. First things first: Park your Tesla

To start, park your Tesla in a flat area (avoid parking on slopes, surfaces that aren’t smooth, etc.) and point the front of the car at a white or light-colored wall. The computation can be done at 5 meters if there isn’t enough room or at 10 meters from the border, but it will be a little less precise. Try to conduct the manipulation later in the day when there is less natural light.

  1. Inflate and gauge your Tesla tires

You should pump your tires to prevent centering from being distorted. This way, your car is balanced. Lastly, check that the headlights are set to zero.

Tools needed

  • A meter to measure the height of your Tesla headlights
  • A ruler
  • An ink pen or colored tape
  • A screwdriver
  1. Align your headlights to illuminate straight ahead 

Calculate the distance on either side of your Tesla between the low beam and the ground to the wall. Create a landmark or use scotch tape to mark the location. The other conductors will be dazzled by your lights if the light beam surpasses the mark. If you’re too low, your brightness will be limited.

  1. Adjust the height of the high and low beam on your Tesla car

Open the hood of your Tesla to adjust the headlights after the mark has been permanently set on the wall. Next, locate the optic’s neighboring screw to adjust the height and spin it left to right. The goal is to have your car’s beams slightly below the mark, which will sufficiently illuminate the road without being too bright. Once everything is done correctly, close the hood and inspect it the following day.


While most if not all of the Tesla vehicles come with a powerful LED headlight beam, oxidation remains the number one enemy of any car headlights. Use a headlight restoration kit to get rid of oxidation so your car headlight can illuminate as bright as it was when it was brand new. Headlight restoration kits like Clear Light Tech are made with safe and robust solutions that help remove oxidation from car headlight lenses. 

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