Headlight Replacement What You need to know

When do headlights need to be replaced

Headlights are arguably one of the most important parts of a car or any vehicle. They serve as the only feature that benefits both you as the driver and other car owners on the road. Headlights do not only help you to see, they help you to be seen as well. This is why in all the states, the use of headlights are regulated and every driver is mandated to restore headlights or change car headlights when they are bad so as to provide a safe environment for drivers, and pedestrians as well. 

So, when your headlights are problematic, do not attempt to force your way into the road relying on your driving skills alone, apart from the laws that may catch up with you, it is important to be safety conscious too and realize that it is recommended by the road safety authorities to ensure your headlights are in good condition before you leave your garage – highly recommended!

But unfortunately, headlights are always overlooked by drivers and treated as less important until they develop a fault or begin to dim and get low. Special attention must be paid to headlights and you must mean learn to clean your tail lights as well, to avoid tricky situations you’d rather not be in. 

Headlight replacement

Do not wait for when the road looks hazy and unclear, do not wait till your second headlight goes out as well before you fix it. Do not take headlights for granted. In the course of this piece, we would answer the relevant questions about headlights and when and how to prepare your car headlights when you see a fault while driving. 

Signs that your headlight needs replacement

Headlight Needs Replacement

It may seem silly to think about it, but sometimes, think of your car as a baby that requires attention, and when it needs something. Although, the baby may not be able to talk, but the signs are always there. This is why your utmost attention is required when it comes to your car headlights. 

Here are the signs your headlights give you that they need to be replaced

  1. Dimming: 

This is the most obvious sign and reason for you to replace your headlights. After a while, your headlights begin to dim and the road becomes unclear especially at night. However, some drivers may feel they have great enough eye-sights and still try to maneuver their way every night. Realize that if you have difficulty seeing with your own headlights, then there is every reason to believe that other cars have difficulty seeing you as well. So if not for your sake, replace it for theirs to avoid collision. 

  1. Burned out bulb: 

This is when one of your bulbs ‘’blows’’ or is burned out. What this means is that you have one bulb left, once this happens, you are advised to change the bulb as soon as possible and not take that car out on the road until it is fixed. If you do, you are not only putting yourself and other motorists in danger, you are also violating state laws and risk being pulled over.  Also, it is important to note that when a headlight goes out, don’t just fix the one headlight, replace both of them – why? Because when one headlight goes out, the other isn’t far behind. 

  1. Dirt/Oxidization: 

Sometimes, it is no fault of yours really. Sometimes, your headlights get dim, not because of the lights themselves but because of some particles that have settled on your headlights causing it to become dirty or have that yellowish color. You see, the yellowish color is as a result of a process called oxidation. When the ultraviolet rays from the sun beat upon your headlights, after a while, it begins to change color and even though you clean and clean, you cannot cheat nature, so at a point, your best option is to replace your headlights. 

Types of headlights

Types Of  Car Headlight Bulbs

Maybe you know there are certain types of headlights but don’t know what they are or what they do. You need to familiarize yourself with them to find out which of them best fits your style or preference. Here are the different types of headlights: 

  • Halogen: Using a Tungsten – Halogen filament alongside some halogen gas, halogen lights emit far brighter lights than the normal headlights. It is perfect for driving at night and the visibility is top-notch. 
  • Xenon/HID: Their operating temperature is relatively low, so they burn brighter and last longer than the normal headlights. However, they are relatively more expensive and usually require an expert to install them into your car. 
  • L.E.D:  L.E.D or ‘Light emitting diodes’ need lesser power to operate. This is a strong advantage they have over lights like Halogen that draws a lot more power from the batteries, and they even last longer. 

How to pick the right headlights for your vehicle

How To Pick The Right Headlights for your car

Essentially, the right headlights for your car are highly dependent on a lot of things: your state laws regarding headlights for instance as well as the model of your car and also your preference. However, a great advice is for you to consult your manual for which headlights fit your car best.

Although your vehicle may come with its own type of headlights, you can upgrade at will or better still, use a headlight restoration kit to always keep it brand new. But first, be sure your choice is the best for you at the time and consider the model of your car, hence consulting the manual. 


Don’t go rushing to the mechanic when there are some things you can do on your own, as far as replacing headlights go, there are tons of things you could do and steps to take on how to clean, change or replace them. But consider the other factors involved when upgrading your headlights. 

However, if changing your headlights don’t quite solve the problem and you are wondering why, it is probably because your headlight lenses are dirty or cloudy, in which case, you should opt for the best  headlight restoration kit

All you have to do is clean out the grime and dirt from the headlight lenses. There are a variety of materials you can use for this task, but try a headlight restoration kit, it is recommended. 

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