best remedy to Clean Headlights Oxidation

Headlight replacement VS headlight restoration which is the best remedy to oxidation?

Oxidation on car headlights is an inevitable occurrence that affects every single car produced today. It is said to be responsible for the yellowish discoloration and cloudy appearance found in used cars of about 2years pro manufactured date. Oxidation mostly affects polycarbonate or acrylic plastic lenses and that’s due to their natural vulnerability to  certain elements such as Sun rays, water, dust, or debris, and dirt. 

As a car owner or a motorist, when your car headlights are oxidized, the first thought that comes to mind is either to replace or restore your car headlights. This is important because oxidation reduces your visibility especially at night and thus, endangers you to the possibility of a collision. But then, if you are on a budget, how would you get rid of oxidation – replacement or restoration? 

While opting-in for a complete headlight replacement might seem like the most logical thing to do, the cost doesn’t come cheap. After you factor in the cost of buying a used or new headlights, and then the labor required to swap out the old headlight lens for the new one, it can sum up to a significant amount. Whereas, headlight restoration kits like CLT (clear light tech) promises to wipe your lenses clean and crystal clear again. So, which is the best remedy to oxidation? 

Headlight Replacement VS Restoration Kits 

Headlight Replacement VS Restoration Kits

Headlight replacement as earlier said might seem like the best solution but, come to think of it, how many times are you willing to replace your headlights in a year? There is another option of headlight restoration kit which is available at lower cost with a headlight solution that lasts for a very long time. Using the best headlight restoration kits to remove the years of accumulated build-ups, moist, and yellowing on your headlight lens can go a long way towards restoring the look of your car and beam emitted. 

Headlight restoration kits come in different forms. While some require the use of other tools like drill, buffing pads, and masking tapes, others are simply easy to use solutions and restoration wipes that don’t require mechanical experience and sanding. Also, some restoration kits come with additional sealants while others contain a protective wipe that’s said to provide a kind of protective coating against the occurrence of oxidation. 

However, to help you make a better choice, let’s look at the pros and cons to each method. 

Pros of Headlight Replacement

  • Solves oxidation immediately.
  • Doesn’t require a protective coating.
  • No drilling tool or Buffing pad is needed.
  • Added life span. 
  • Gives the feel of a new technology and beam.
  • It’s the best when the old headlight is cracked and beyond restoration.

Cons of Headlight Replacement

  • It requires professional skills and experience to swap the old headlight lens for the new one.
  • It entails you must get a matching fit for your vehicle.
  • It’s highly expensive.

Pros of Headlight Restoration 

  • It is very cheap compared to a headlight replacement.
  • It lasts as long as a new headlight.
  • It does not select headlight lens types unlike a replacement. 
  • It gives the feel of a new headlight placement.
  • It comes with a protective coating to avoid reoccurence. 
  • It does not require a skilled experience. 

Cons of Headlight Restoration

  • You can only use a pack ones 

Why Headlight Restoration?

Given that car headlight restoration kits cost as low as $20, it seems like they are an obvious choice compared to a complete replacement to your headlight lenses. With kits like clear light tech headlight restoration kit, you can easily clean and polish your headlights to appear new.  One of the best things about using the clear light tech restoration kit is that after restoring your headlights, there is a coating wipe available in the pack to enable you protect your headlight lenses from Sun rays, air pollution, and oxidation like when you got your car new. This helps your car headlight restoration to last for a very long time.

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