5 Signs you need new headlights bulbs

5 Signs you need new headlights bulbs

For safe driving, a car’s headlights are necessary. Therefore, knowing the warning indications that your headlights need to be replaced is crucial. Here are five warning indicators that your headlights are about to fail.

5 Signs that indicates your car needs a new headlight

  1. It has dim headlights

Your headlights may merely be dirty headlight covers that are the source of fading and dimming. Cleaning the debris will solve the issue. It’s time to get new bulbs if the headlights still seem dim. After changing bulbs, if the headlights still seem dim, there may be a wiring problem. Have your technician examine the situation.

  1. There is a flicker in the headlights

The headlight will flicker when the lightbulb’s filament is worn out or damaged. A flashing headlight bulb indicates something is not functioning correctly. Either the connection is loose, or the bulb is on the verge of burning out, which causes the flickering. Before leaving, ask a specialist to investigate what is causing the problem.

  1. You experience high beam issues

Sometimes switching to high beams has no effect while the low beams function perfectly. If you have issues with your car’s highlights, it may be because a bulb has burned out or a fuse has blown. However, a wiring issue will also result in problems with the high beams. To ensure safety on the road when vision is low, get a technician to examine the headlights and remedy the problem.

  1. There is a failed headlight bulb

Typically, headlight bulbs are replaced in pairs, so when one burns out, the other one will soon follow. Therefore, replacing both headlight bulbs when one burns out is always preferable. Older cars had different headlight bulbs for the low and high beams; however, modern vehicles use a single bulb for both. Therefore, to guarantee an even distribution of light and improved visibility at night and in bad weather, it is recommended to replace all the bulbs at once.

  1. You have blown fuses

Take your car to a technician for a full inspection if your headlights are giving you trouble and you frequently experience blown fuses. Typically, a skilled technician can swiftly resolve an electrical or wiring issue. However, to prevent more problems and to guarantee your safety, fix the situation as soon as possible.

5 Signs that indicates your car needs a new headlight

Why you need to restore your headlights

When your headlights are dimmed, you can’t see the road, and other drivers can’t see you too. It’s a dangerous mix. If you don’t get them corrected, you can face a hefty ticket from the local authorities. Although, there are several choices available now for increased visibility. Ways like replacing your outdated halogen headlights with more modern ones can give you a 30% brightness boost and up to a 25% increase in down-road visibility. If you don’t restore your headlight lenses,  the beam emitting from the newly installed headlight bulb through the oxidized headlight lenses would still appear dim unless you restore them. To restore your headlights, simply make use of a headlight restoration kit and do it yourself to save cost. 

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