Why does my car blinker blink faster when installing a led bulb

Why does my car blinker blink faster when installing a led bulb


As a driver, your blinker is always there to serve as an indicator informing other road users of your intended direction. If you are new to driving and you are wondering what’s a blinker? The blinker is usually referred to as the turn signal bulbs. It’s the lights at each side of your car headlights that blinks when you plan to change your directions. Hence, it’s name blinker! 

While it’s in the nature of the blinker to blink, consistent rapid blinking becomes an issue when this blinker begins to blink faster than usual. Many people have complained about this issue, and they say that they notice it when installing a LED bulb. So, what could have led to this?

We get questions from drivers wondering why their car blinker blinks faster when installing a LED bulb, and this article sets out to answer the question.

Knowing that this is not normal, here are some reasons why it could be happening:

car blinker blink faster when installing a led bulb
  • Compatibility Issue 

Is your car model compatible with the LED bulb? Unfortunately, some car models are old and would have connectivity issues when installing a LED bulb. So, it makes the blinker blink faster than usual. 

Understandably, not everyone is an automobile expert. But, knowing which bulb would fit your vehicle is vital as you may not know about this issue. However, it is why you need to ask questions before you buy the LED bulb. You can find out from the car mechanic and other experts if your car model is well suited for a LED bulb. 

Apart from the car’s model, it could be that something went wrong during the connection process. Things like bad relays can cause your signal light to blink rapidly. In this case, you would need to know some DIY fixes for bad relays to get rid of the problem. In addition, it is essential to note that not all problems will be instant. You might fix the LED bulb and even use it for some time before the blinker issue starts.

So, it is not out of place to check your connection to ensure that everything is properly in place when you notice that your blinker is blinking faster than usual. 

issues when installing a LED bulb
  • Bad Bulb 

People sometimes sell faulty bulbs to users either knowingly or unknowingly. Unfortunately, you may be a victim of buying a bad bulb. 

If you are trying to install a bad LED bulb, you can be sure that your blinker will begin to blink faster. It is like trying to feed a child with food that they do not like. We can also liken this scenario to eating something that gives you allergies. The way your body system will reject the food is the same way that the car will reject the LED bulb. 

When your blinker blinks faster, it is a sign that something is out of place. 

install an LED bulb
  • Turn Signal Issue 

You might not realize, but there would also be issues with your turn signal. So, when you are trying to install an LED bulb, the car blinker begins to act up. 

One may begin to wonder what these turn signal issues could be. Sometimes, it could be that there is water in your turn signal area. But, of course, the LED bulb would not go well with a wet area. 

Other times, it could be the issue of a burnt fuse. 

car blinker when use led bulb


As a car owner or user, you need to always be observant. So, instead of panicking when your car blinker blinks faster when installing an LED bulb, try to check for faults. It could be any of the issues we have listed above. 

Once you have identified the issue, you will know what to do next. 

In the same vein, maintaining your car’s lighting system is essential to avoid issues. Aside from having a faulty blinker, the signal lights might be so dim or oxidized that the vehicle behind oncoming car drivers would not be able to see the light indications. In this situation, what do you do? Use a headlight restoration wipe! Yes, a headlight restoration wipe has the ability to remove every fog or oxidation from your headlight and signal light lenses. To get this wipe, buy a headlight restoration kit online or from your local store and follow the instructions on it.  

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