Clean Car Headlights Glass

How to clean car headlights glass

It might be quite a puzzle to some, how headlights can take on an irritating yellowish-look after a while and need headlight cleaning and maintenance. Well, it is due to a process called oxidation which is why knowing how to clean car headlights glass is vital.

The UV lights from the sun beat upon the headlight plastic and that is what causes it to have those marks and coloring. If not properly taken care of with headlight restoration kits, the foggy and cloudy appearance can dim the lights when you are driving. Apart from oxidation, your car headlights would get dirty and magnet debris. Over time these build-ups would discolor your headlamps and make them in need of restoration. Furthermore, it is more annoying than the car doesn’t necessarily have to be old before the headlights can become oxidized, however, it can be restored. There are several headlight restoration DIY methods to restore foggy and cloudy headlights. 

And the even better news is that you can do it yourself with everyday tools and substances in the house. However, it is best to use the approved and most result-oriented method, but we would also examine that later on.

How to restore car headlights glass

Restore Car Headlights Glass

As earlier mentioned, basic everyday tools and substances found in the house can be used to clean your car and for headlight restoration. Let us name a few: 

  1. Tooth-Paste
  • Clean the headlight lamps with soap and water as the first level of cleaning 
  • Get a clean cloth or toothbrush and scrub the wet headlights gently
  • Apply more toothpaste as needed as you go
  • Rinse with clean water and cloth. 
  1. Sandpaper
  • Wet the headlights and sandpaper with warm water first
  • Scrub gently in a circular motion ensuring the headlights and sandpaper are both wet
  • After a few minutes of gentle scrubbing, sand horizontally to finish up
  • Using 600-grit sandpaper, start the entire process again going over the entire headlight
  • Wash off and rinse with clean water 
  • Repeat the whole process as necessary
  • Clean finally when you are done and ensure to apply a protective wax for maintenance purposes
  1. Warm Water and Soap
  • Get a clean piece of cloth 
  • Wet the cloth with warm water and wet the headlights as well
  • Use the soap/detergent and scrub being careful to remove all the dirt and grit on the headlights
  • Rinse off with clean warm water and wipe with a dry cloth. 

Clean headlights glass with headlight restoration kit

Headlights Restoration kit big pack

Headlight glasses could get foggy at times and may fail to produce the right display of light when driving. However, there are various ways to clean the headlight glass, most give poor results but the only one that does the function to the best is the Headlight Restoration Kit.

The Headlight Restoration kit cleans better than all headlight glass cleaners and it leaves the headlight looking neat and clear. Amongst all others, the Headlight Restoration Kit has the complete and most effective tools in cleaning Headlight glasses. Other glass cleaners may end up damaging the headlight the most or they might not last for long but between home products like vinegar Vs Headlight restination kits, the Headlight Restoration Kit has you all covered. 

Using kits like Clear Light Tech Restoration will surely save you from a lot of hazards no matter how bright your headlights are, there is still a lot of room for improvements. These improvements can be gotten in just three easy steps.

  1.  Wash your headlight lenses
Wipe lens and headlight with a damp cloth or soft spooge

Before starting, there are a few things to take into consideration. The part of the headlight must not be placed under direct sunlight and also your car headlights need to have cooled off completely. 

After knowing all this, the first thing to do is to wash your car headlights with an automobile soap and sponge for a clean surface to work on. After washing your headlights thoroughly, clean them with a neat microfiber towel and proceed to use your clear light restoration kit. 

  1. Wipe your headlight lens using the first restore wipe
clear light tech cleaning kit wipe number 2

The next step after washing and drying your car headlights would be to clean it with the first restoration wipe you find in the kit. This wipe contains a powerful active solution that eats away the build-ups, debris, and yellowish color found on your car headlights due to oxidation caused by exposure to sun rays, air pollution,  bad roads, and hazardous weather. 

For an effective clean, it’s advisable that you clean continuously in a circular rectangular motion. When you are done and have noticed how clean your headlight lenses look, use a clean towel and wipe the headlight. If the results aren’t yet pleasing to your taste, repeat the process until you are satisfied with your results.

  1. The second coating process
clean glass headlight with restoration kit

The best thing about using the clear light tech restoration kit is that at the end of the restoration process, there is a coating wipe that’s intended to protect your headlight lenses from UV rays, air pollution, and oxidation like when you got your car new. This allows your car headlights restoration to last for a very long time as compared to when it wasn’t coated. To get started with it, pick the last wipe found in the restoration kit and gently wipe your cleaned headlight surface to coat it and protect it from reoxidizing. 


With all this knowledge about maintaining a good car headlight, it would be highly appropriate to outline how many lives this would save while driving. So when you see the signs of your headlight deteriorating, you know exactly what to do. Asides from the lifesaving benefit of the cleansed Headlight, it also gives your vehicle a top-notch and classy look that always causes your car, bus, truck, etc. to stand out whenever it is with other vehicles. 

But then this process must be regularly maintained to help you see better with your headlight because every headlight is subject to depreciation. It would benefit better if you take a specific time interval when it comes to headlight maintenance. 

Remember, regular headlight maintenance doesn’t just save the driver in the vehicle but also other motorists, pedestrians, objects, etc. all around.

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