How to replace headlights on Buick

How to replace headlights on Buick

Headlight makes it safer to drive at night and during low-visibility atmospheric conditions like snow, rain, storm, fog, and so on. While many newly manufactured cars like the Buick car consist of two headlights that produce both low beams and high beams, one or both of these headlights can go bad at any time – making it difficult for a driver to see and causing confusion for other road users. 

This is why knowing how to fix a burned-out headlight or replacing your car headlights cannot be overemphasized as it can be the difference between a smooth driving experience and a bumpy one. The first thing to have in mind when it comes to headlight replacement is that there are two types of headlights! There is the sealed headlight beam with filament, reflector, and lens in a single headlight housing and the composite headlight beam with different units for bulb and lens.  

So, if your Buick car has issues with its headlights, you must replace the bulbs based on the type of headlight that comes with it as soon as possible. To help you determine the type of headlight bulb that’s suitable for your Buick model, we have compiled different types of Buick headlight bulbs below and their prices to enable you to make a better decision when replacing your car headlights. 

Buick headlight replacement bulbs and prices by vehicle’s model

How To Replace Headlights On Buick
Buick car modelApplicationBrandPart NumberPrice
Buick Regal with Factory HID/Xenon Headlights 2016Performance HID/Xenon Headlight BulbLumen® HID-D3S$69.95 – $100
Buick Regal 2016CrystalVision Ultra Headlight Replacement BulbsLumen® 9012CVB2$35.11 – $50
Buick Regal 2016Standard HID Headlight Replacement BulbLumen® 42302C1$112.62 – $120
Buick Regal 20162Stroke 3.0 LED Headlight Conversion KitMorimoto®LED1520$170 – $194
Buick Regal 2016High Output LED Headlight Conversion KitOracle Lighting®S5242-001$76.91 – $80.96
Buick Regal 2016LED Headlight Conversion KitPIAA®26-1749216-17492$105 – $194.65
Buick Regal 2016HID/Xenon Headlight Bulb EVO Lighting® 93685$94 – $100.62
Buick Regal 2016Demon Eye LED Headlight Conversion Kit Race Sport® 9012 gB$126 – $150
Buick Regal 2016HIR Halogen Headlight Bulb Flosser® $36.70 – $58

Step by step replace a Buick regal headlight assembly bulb

Step by step replace a Buick regal headlight assembly bulb

Don’t put yourself and others at risk by driving with one headlight on the highway or down a dark road path with broken headlights or burned bulbs. Decide to change your car headlights today by following the simple step-by-step guide laid out below. 

NB: for this guide, we will be using the Buick Regal model. 

The headlights of the Buick Regal headlights can be accessed from underneath the hood of your car. Although, this is the same with most cars and Buick vehicles. The Buick Regal car model makes use of both 9005 high-beam bulbs and 9006 low-beams. So, you can save a lot of cost by buying its exact replacement from online, Buick dealership, or your local auto-part seller and replacing it yourself. 

With that being said, the first step to replacing your headlight is through your car’s hood as earlier said.

Step One: Remove the two tabs located by each side of the headlight assembly after opening the hood of your Buick vehicle. 

Step Two: Gently pull out the wiring connector from the back of the headlight assembly and push the light forward and out of the front of your car.

Step Three: Once you gain access to the headlight compartment, remove the protective rubber cover from the back of the headlamp to get to the bulb. Turn the bulb in an anticlockwise direction and pull it straight back out of the assembly. With one hand, lift the locking tab holding the socket to the headlight bulb and gently pull out the bulb from the socket.

Step Four: Insert the new replacement bulb into the socket and turn it in a clockwise position to have it clipped. Once the bulb is in place, fix back the headlight housing and push back the rubber cover onto the front of the headlight. 

Step Five: Lastly, reposition the headlight housing and ensure your headlights are properly aligned. After aligning your car headlights, here is how to know if your headlights are aimed properly. If they aren’t, make sure they are to avoid blinding other motorists on the road. Push back the wiring harness inside to secure it after reconnecting the electrical connectors. Repeat the entire process on the other headlight, close the hood of your car once you are done, and test your car headlights.


Buick headlight replacement

Bright headlights aren’t just part of the beauty of your Buick vehicle, having a clear headlight lens also contributes to how impeccable your car may appear. While replacing your headlight lenses isn’t necessary except if they have been damaged or broken in an accident, you can easily maintain their shine by deoxidizing them using a headlight restoration kit. 

Headlight restoration kits like Clear Light Tech can remove oxidation, yellowish discoloration, grits, and build-ups from your car headlight lenses in a single wash. If driving your Buick car with a clear and shiny headlight sounds like what you would love, click here to buy the new Clear Light Tech solution and have it delivered to you anywhere in the world.

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