How to replace headlights on Bentley

How to replace headlights on Bentley

Headlights – they serve as a second eye especially when driving at night or during an advert weather condition such as rain, snow, fog, and so on. They also contribute to the beauty and general outlook of your car. Unfortunately most car owners take them for granted and ignore maintaining headlights as they should. There is a reason why headlights are considered one of the most important features of any car – especially at night as they protect against accidents or collisions, but the question here is, what happens when your Bentley headlight needs replacement?

The questions going through your mind are probably, how much would that cost? Will I find someone experienced enough to replace it without breaking the bank? Well, there’s no need to worry about that. By the end of this article, you’d learn the simple DIY method in changing your Bentley headlight. 

That’s right. You can change your headlight yourself, no stress, no problems. 

Before then, let’s discuss why replacing your headlights is of utmost importance. 

Is replacing my headlight important?

Is replacing my headlight important

Well, short answer: Yes! Long answer: Absolutely! Over time, headlights go through this disgusting process of oxidation when they’re exposed to the sun for a while, and the ultraviolet rays that beat down begin to cause your headlights to have this yellowish color. 

You’re driving a Bentley, you wouldn’t want your headlights to be the reason your car is suddenly so unimpressive or why you are stopped on the road, now would you? 

Now, this is where replacing your headlights comes in. 

Also, you need replacement when your headlights burn out. Otherwise, you won’t be able to drive at night. While one or both bulbs of the headlight bulbs may burn out, you’d have to replace both of your headlights as the other bulb may not be too far behind. 

Another reason you need to replace your car headlight bulbs is because you don’t want to risk your life and the appearance of your car in a collision because of oxidized headlights or burnt-out bulbs that you can replace yourself. 

With that being said, the importance of replacing your Bentley headlights at the right time cannot be over-emphasized. However, before we get started on replacing your Bentley car headlights, let’s take a look at the different costs of each Bentley’s headlight bulb model.  

Prices of Bentley headlight conversion bulbs by vehicle model

Prices of Bentley headlight conversion bulbs by vehicle model
Bentley car modelCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Bentley Flying Spur Flying Spur Speed 2010Main Headlight BeamOracle Lighting® Color Dual Halo Kit for Headlights $188 – $332
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 20104TL-R 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projector Morimoto® $71 – $100
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010M LED 3″ High/Low Beam Round 2.0 Bi-LED Retrofit Projector Morimoto®$100 – $120
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010Universal 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Acura TL Style Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors Oracle Lighting® $179.96 – $185
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010Universal Classic 90mm Round High Beam Chrome Headlight Module Hella® $93.80 – $110
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010Universal High/Low Beam Round G3 CCFL Halo Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors Race Sport® $145 – $160
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010Universal 12″x6″ Rectangular Black Euro Headlights With Turn Signal/Parking Light Grote® $130 – $140
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010Universal XKchrome App Controlled Multicolor Switchback Halo Kit for HeadlightsXKGlow®$85 – $200
Bentley Flying SpurFlying Spur Speed 2010Universal CCFL Halo Kit for HeadlightsEVO Lighting® $70 – $80

DIY step to changing your Bentley headlight

DIY step to changing your Bentley headlight

Step one: The first thing you need to do is to pop the trunk.  You’d find the screws fastening the headlight frame in place, gently loosen the screws so you’d be able to pull out the headlight frame from its hinges. 

Step two: After that, go to the front of the headlight, and carefully pull out the headlight frame. Be extra careful when doing this, so you should pull from both ends so there’ll be a balance 

Step three: Now the frame is in your hands, the next thing to do is to look at the side, you’ll find some wiring by side light indicators, they’re all color-matched, so it’ll be easier to fix back. Simply unplug those wires 

Step four: Next thing you need to do is remove the bulb itself, and to do that, you’ll need to take out the screws that hold the bulb in place. You’ll find three screws, two on each side, and one at the bottom.  

Step five: Now, the headlight is removed, you can fix the new headlight 


See? It’s that easy to replace your Bentley headlights yourself. Although sometimes, the reason for a bad visibility could be due to oxidized headlight lens and this can be rectified by simply deoxidizing the headlight lens using a restoration kit. However, it is important to be careful and versed in the Bentley model you have. Or if you’re still confused, hand it over to an expert to avoid damages. 

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