How to replace headlights on Oldsmobile

How to replace headlights on Oldsmobile

We cannot overlook any aspect of a car as they all play an essential role in making the vehicle enjoyable for its driver. 

Everyone would agree that it is frustrating to drive a car with no headlights, especially at night. It is like a recipe for disaster. You would most likely hit an obstacle, and it would result in stories that touch the heart. To avoid this, you need to ensure that your headlights are always in place and functional. 

One might want to argue that there are situations where there was no previous warning, and the headlights of your car just stop working. What do you do in such an instance? You will not be asking this question if you know how to replace or clean car headlights without help from anyone. 

Ideally, the best option would be to stop driving. Ensure that you clear well, and start working on changing the car headlights. However, we know that many people do not know how to change the headlights of their cars. 

Luckily, this article talks about changing car headlights, but it focuses on those who own an Oldsmobile car. 

replace Oldsmobile car headlight

If you are a vintage lover, you should be familiar with this type of car. 

Before going further, here are some situations when you need to change your headlights:

  • If only one of your headlights works. If one side of your eyes ache or you cannot see with it, you are surely rushing to an optician. If this is the case, why would you want to drive around when only one of your headlights works? After all, a car’s headlights are like its eyes, and you do not need to joke around with it. The outcome of driving around with only one headlight can be severe. It is why we advise that you change your headlights once you ensure that one has stopped working. It is also best recommended that you change both of them instead of focusing on only the spoilt one. If you decide to drive around with only one headlight, you would see that it would also stop working within days. 
  • Your headlights flicker. Permit us to use the analogy of the eyes again. Imagine if your eyes are constantly blinking. Of course, you will be uncomfortable. Your headlights may not be human, but it is the eyes of your vehicle. If it is flickering, it can have adverse effects on humans. In this case, it will affect you (the driver) and may even extend to other road users. Understandably, you do not want to get into trouble with the authorities. In most countries, the law sees driving a car with flickering headlights as hazardous. Thus, the best option is to change your headlights once you notice that it is flickering. You may be wondering what causes flickering headlights. Sometimes, it is because there is a shift in the wiring. Other times, the headlights are bad and need to be changed entirely. 

If you experience any of these, it means that your headlights are due to be changed. However, you do not need to wait for things to go out of line before taking action. Remember people say that prevention is better than cure. 

Before going further to the steps involved in an Oldsmobile car headlights replacement, let us first look at the models of this car, its headlights, and their prices. 

It is essential to know that this is an ‘old-school’ kind of car, but we see that it is still some people’s preference.

Oldsmobile headlight replacement by car type

Oldsmobile headlight replacement by car type
Oldmobile carCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Oldsmobile AleroOldsmobile Alero(2004)Main Headlight BeamLumen Black Factory Style Headlights $138
Oldsmobile BravadaOldsmobile Bravada (2002)Main Headlight BeamTYC Replacement Headlight $61.72 
Oldsmobile Silhouette Oldsmobile Silhouette (2000)Main Headlight BeamPacific Best Replacement Headlight $60.93 – $108.72 
Oldsmobile CieraOldsmobile Ciera (1996)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight $60.36
Oldsmobile FiestaOldsmobile Fiesta(1964) LED Headlight with Switchback HaloLumen 5 3/4″ Round Black Projector LED Headlight with Switchback Halo $134.95
Oldsmobile OmegaOldsmobile Omega(1984)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement 7×6″ Rectangular Chrome Sealed Beam Headlight $42.13 

Step by step to replace an Oldsmobile car headlight

Step by step to replace an oldsmobile car headlight

If you own an Oldsmobile car, changing the headlight will be a walk in the park for you at the end of this article. 

Here are the steps to follow in changing your Oldsmobile car headlights:

Step 1

Open your hood. Almost everyone would have an idea that the headlights area is located in the hood of anyone. The Oldsmobile cars are not any different. What differs in vehicles is the positioning of this headlights area in the hood of various cars.

Step 2

Check under the hood. As earlier mentioned, cars have different positioning for the headlights area in their hood. For the Oldsmobile car, it is under the hood. You should wear clothes so you do not mind getting dirty when you are changing your Oldsmobile car headlights. This is because stains and dirt will get on your clothes when you go under the hood. 

Step 3

Unscrew the bolts and plugs. Once you locate the headlights area under the hood, you will see that it is held together by screws and plugs. The next step would be to unscrew them to access the headlight assembly to change the bulb. Typically, we would advise that you have a screwdriver with you during this process. Also, ensure that you are careful while carrying out these steps. 

Step 4

Change the bulb. Once you get to the headlight assembly, the next step is to rotate the plugs, so it comes free for you to change the bulb. Then, you take out the old bulb and put in a new one. 

Step 5

Put everything back together. Now, you have to assemble things back. For example, you would rotate the plugs on the headlight assembly in a reverse manner for it to stay tight, then put other screws in place. 


Now that you have learned these steps, it is time to practicalize them. The next time you need to replace the headlights of your Oldsmobile car, the first thought on your mind should be to do it yourself. Going to the mechanic for minor issues such as headlight oxidation can now be rectified using headlight cleaning wipes – a solution specifically engineered to get rid of oxidation. 

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