How to replace headlights on Fiat

How to replace headlights on Fiat

As a driver, there are certain things that no one needs to tell you when driving. Even those that do not know how to drive know about these things. It is common sense to know that you have to turn on your headlights when driving at night. 

Knowing how to use car headlights does not only let you see while driving, but it also alerts other drivers that you are approaching. Now, can you imagine driving without functional headlights? Of course, it should be unimaginable. It is why the road safety agencies in most places will persecute anyone they get that drives without a headlight. 

Many times, we see that people get dragged into this crime innocently. They did not plan to drive without headlights, but their headlights stopped working while they were on the way. Since they did not know how to replace headlights and could not find a mechanic, they had no other option than to drive without headlights. 

But, if they knew how to change car headlights, they could have avoided being in such a situation. It is for these reasons that this article was written to enable you to learn how to replace your Fiat car headlights. 

It will not be a complete article about Fiat cars if you do not know some of the facts about the company. 

Fun facts about Fiat cars

Fun facts about Fiat cars

Here are some fun facts about Fiat cars:

  • FIAT stands for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino. However, it is a handful to pronounce, which is why people go for the acronym. There are two translations of this phrase. In Italian, it means Italian Automobile Factory Turin, while it means Let It Be Done in Latin. 
  • They have been in existence since 1899. This is longer than many people who are alive now. For a company that has been around for this long, you are sure that they know their craft. It is something that endears many people to them. They keep improving as the years go by, ensuring that their cars appeal to all generations. 
  • It has many European Awards. For a company that has been in existence for about 122 years, you can be sure that it has bagged many awards. Some people refer to this company as the pacesetter for other car brands. It is one of the top European car brands. However, its popularity in other places may be lower than that of Europe.
  • They have various car models. We do not know the perception you might have about Fiat cars. However, we see that people on other continents tend to overlook these cars. But it would interest you to know that there is a Fiat car for everyone. Be it a sports or luxury car you desire, you can find a Fiat version. If you are leaning more on the romantic side, looking for a car for two, you can also find it with Fiat Motors. 
  • They have a unique outlook. The exteriors of a Fiat car are different from what you will get with other cars. Most times, it takes on a small outlook. However, it is spacious inside, accommodating many items. 

These are some of the fun facts about Fiat cars that you might have never known. 

Moving forward, let us see the various Fiat car models. 

Fiat carCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Fiat 500Fiat 500(2016)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight$189.77 – $222.02
Fiat 124Fiat 124(1983)Halo HeadlightsLumen 7″ Round Black CCFL Halo Headlights$79.95
Fiat BravaFiat Brava(1981)LED Headlights with Switchback HaloLumen 5 3/4″ Round Black Projector LED Headlight with Switchback Halo$134.95
Fiat 131Fiat 131(1978)LED Headlights with Switchback HaloLumen 5 3/4″ Round Black Projector LED Headlight with Switchback Halo$134.95
Fiat 850Fiat 850(1973)Halo HeadlightsLumen 7″ Round Black CCFL Halo Headlights$79.95

Step by step to replace a Fiat car headlights

Step by step to replace a fiat car headlights

If you follow the steps below, you will be able to replace a Fiat car headlight:

Step 1 

Open the bonnet. Opening the bonnet lets you access the headlight area. You cannot get started on replacing a fiat car headlight if your bonnet is not open. You may refer to it as the bonnet or the hood of a car.

Step 2 

Check for the headlights. In checking for the headlights, you will encounter many obstacles. It is right to check the back area when checking for the headlights. Once you identify the headlight area, the next thing will be removing the obstacles. 

Step 3 

Remove obstacles. Some of the obstacles you will encounter in the headlights are plastic caps that are used to hold the covering and other things in the headlight area together. You have to delicately remove all these so you can access the headlight bulb. You should wear a glove during this process to avoid injuries and stains. Also, ensure that you do not misplace any of the caps and screws, as you will need to couple them back. 

Step 4 

Remove the old bulb. To remove the old bulb, you need to take out the wire harness. Again, you need to be careful to avoid injuries. We would advise that you turn it gently until the bulb comes out. You also do not want a situation where the bulb breaks and nicks your skin as it is glass. Also, monitor how you removed the wire harness as you need to put it back in that same position later. 

Step 5

Put the new bulb. To put in the new bulb, you need to fix the wire harness and the cover cap of the headlights. It is why we earlier mentioned that you need to be observant. For example, if you removed them in a clockwise direction, you need to take on the anti-clockwise direction to put them back. 

Step 6 

Test the bulb. Once you have done all the above processes, you should test that the headlights are working. If it is not, it may be that you missed something in the connection as you were coupling it back. If you are sure of all you need and the headlights are still not working, it means that the new bulb is also faulty. 


Now, you do not need to panic the next time your Fiat car headlights go out. Instead, get your tools including a headlight restoration wipe, and follow the processes we listed above.

In the same vein, ensure your headlights are properly aligned for better visibility of the road. To help you do that here is how to check if your headlights are aimed properly.  

We hope that this comes in handy for you and that you share it with others. 

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