How to replace headlights on Alfa Romeo

How to replace headlights on Alfa Romeo

It’s another bright morning and you are powered up for the day’s activity. You quickly get in your vehicle and drive but then, the unexpected happened! You were pulled over by the police. You thought to yourself “I wasn’t speeding.” And you came out with so much confidence demanding a reason for the delay. But unfortunately, it’s your Headlights, they weren’t on! 

According to the headlight laws in some states in the US, it’s mandatory that all Headlights be turned on 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise, during fog, smoke, or rain and vehicle’s windshield wipers are on  in continuous use or when visibility is less than 200 feet. While in other states, headlights are required to be in continuous use from sunset to sunrise. So, yes you can be pulled over for driving with one headlight on or no headlights on. 

Personally, I believe headlights are usually the least of most motorists’ concerns when it comes to vehicle maintenance which is very wrong. It’s for this reason that we recommend that you periodically check your car headlights in order to keep yourself and other drivers safe on the road. 

Why should you pay attention to your Alfa Romeo headlights?

Why should you pay attention to your Alfa Romeo headlight

Generally, it’s important to periodically check the headlights of your car in order to keep the roads safe for yourself and others. Here are other reasons to pay close attention to them;

They illuminate your way

This is the primary function of your headlights. They help you see in the dark and light up the way when you drive in the dark or in dark tunnels and other places that you wouldn’t be able to see because they’re far off and the light is dim.

They facilitate fatigue-free and safe driving.

Headlights contribute to your safety because they can be used to signify other road users through flashing. They also show that a vehicle is approaching when it’s dark.

Protects other drivers.

Headlights sometimes signify to other drivers that a car is incoming, they also contribute to the general safety of other road users and prevent accidents.

When should you change your Alfa Romeo headlights? 

When should you change your Alfa Romeo headlights

Now that you know how important your car headlights are, you should change them when

  • The headlights are dim 
  • The car headlights are burnt out 
  • The headlights flicker on their own 
  • The headlights are dim
  • The headlights are outdated 
  • The headlights are damaged 

With that being said, let’s take a look at the different prices of Headlight replacement parts and walk you through the steps you need to take to change the headlights of your vehicle.

Alfa Romeo car headlight replacement prices by vehicle’s model 

Car type Car model Application ProductPrice
Alfa Romeo2014 Alfa Romeo Mito2″ High/Low Beam Round 7.1 Series Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors mOracle Lighting®$60 – $80
Alfa Romeo 2013 Alfa Romeo 8CMini 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round 8.0 Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projector Morimoto®$100 – $120
Alfa Romeo2012 Alfa Romeo GiuliettaHigh/Low Beam Round G5 CCFL Halo Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors mRace Sport®$181 – $200
Alfa Romeo2011 Alfa Romeo Giulietta2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Acura TL Style Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors mOracle Lighting®$179 – $180
Alfa Romeo2010 Alfa Romeo Mito2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors Oracle Lighting®$90 – $120
Alfa Romeo2009 Alfa Romeo 4C4TL-R 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projector Morimoto®$72 – $100

Step by step to change Alfa Romeo Headlights
Things you will need:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver (Medium) or Flat-head screwdriver (Large)
  • Replacement H7 bulbs
  • Work light or torch

First step: Park your car, ensure the lights are off, and prop open the hood of the car 

Step two: locate the access panel in the wheel well. There are two access panels; the headlight bulb can be accessed through the lower panel

Use a screwdriver to undo the plastic retaining clip by rotating it anticlockwise 

Remove the rear cap of the headlight assembly; locate it by opening the inspection panel and using a torch if needed. Rotate it anticlockwise and remove it.

Remove the bulb; to do this unplug the harness behind the light bulb first and unclip the retaining spring by squeezing the open end of the spring and unhooking it from the stay 

Insert the new bulb carefully; take care not to touch the glass because the oils from your hand may shorten the lifespan of the light bulb. Instead, you can hold it with a napkin

Reverse the steps you have taken to place the parts and do the same thing for the other side. When done, test your new light 


Headlight maintenance is much more than just headlight bulb replacements! Your headlight maintenance culture should cut across both bulb replacement and headlight lens restoration as oftentimes, it might not be because of a faulty bulb that’s causing your headlight bulbs not to illuminate properly but because of an oxidized headlight lens. Thus, limiting the beam output of your car headlights. So, while you should replace your headlight bulbs when they get faulty, also restore your headlight lenses when they appear foggy, cloudy, or yellowish in color using headlight restoration wipes

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