Car Headlights Not Working

Car headlights not working?

Safety! That is the watchword whenever you are driving. It doesn’t matter if you are driving on the streets or the highway. Wherever you are, as long as you’re driving, safety is key!

Now, when it comes to safety, headlights have a lot to do with this. Especially oxidized headlights that need restoration. Headlights are very important for visibility, and the amazing thing about headlights is that it works on two fronts. It not only helps you see clearly, but it also helps other drivers see you. In that line, it is safe to say, if your headlights aren’t working correctly, you’re not only endangering yourself but also other drivers as well. Therefore, it is paramount that your headlights are in top-notch condition. 

Understandably, questions to this effect may arise – why are the factors that may make headlights stop working? How best to solve the problem? Can it be done by anyone? What is the best method of fixing headlights that don’t work? How do we maintain headlights and ensure they don’t stop working anytime soon?

All the aforementioned are very salient questions and they would be answered promptly In the course of this piece.

Top reasons headlights stop working

In case you are confused about why your headlights are not working anymore. These are some of the most common reasons and you may want to check them out.

  1. Sockets are compromised
Headlights bulb problem

Headlights essentially are bulbs, these bulbs are plugged into sockets. The effectiveness of the headlights is if the bulbs are well connected to the socket. Sometimes, when the headlights stop working, it may mean that the sockets are compromised and this may be due to a variety of issues. So if there’s a bad connection between the bulbs and the socket, the headlights may stop working. In most vehicles, if one of the sockets is corroded, the other would be too, affecting both connections, making both headlights go out.

  1. Bulbs need changing 
car bulbs need Changing

Sometimes, when your headlight goes out, don’t panic, it may just mean that your bulb(s) have burnt out and need changing. Usually, you should see an expert for this because bulbs come in different types and if you are not conversant with the kind of bulb to change, you may be in trouble. But sometimes, it may be the bulbs.

  1. Blown headlight fuse

Your vehicle comprises several electrical appliances, and as every electrical appliance is connected with fuses or delays which may go off or ‘’blow’’ when there is a sort of power surge. 

So when these fuses blow, your headlights may stop working. Think of fuses as the engine of your headlight bulbs, without it, you will be driving blind.

  1. Bad wiring
bad bulbs wiring

As was aforementioned, your car is essentially an electrical entity, and as such has a lot of wiring connections. 

If anything compromises your wiring, your headlights may stop working. It may surprise you to know that rodents may be responsible. Once they chew your wires, you will be driving blind. So watch out for that.

  1. Worn out headlight switch

In most vehicles, there are headlight switches that you use to turn them on or flash your headlights. Sometimes, when your headlights stop working, it may be that the switch is bad. 

Although this may not be so common, it is possible, and fortunately, it is easy not to find out. You may realize your switches do not feel right. But in the end, It may be the reason your headlights stopped working. You may want to get a qualified technician to look at that. 

How to be proactive with your headlights

We have mentioned some of the most common problems that may be blamed for why your headlights stopped working, so all you have to do is look into those. However, additionally, to be on the safer side, there are measures to take in order to ensure your headlights are in great condition and this may also prevent sudden faults your headlights may have.

  1. Clean them regularly

Cleaning your headlights is an amazing way to maintain them and prevent faults like dimming. Headlights are generally prone to getting dim or having that yellowish color due to oxidation.

Now, there are several ways to clean your headlights, you could use soap and water, sandpaper, etc. but the best way to go is to use products that are designed for cleaning headlights. 

Granted, there are many to choose from, but the best option is the clear light tech restoration kit, fully designed, tried, and tested to remove those irritating yellow stains and restore your car headlights making it as good as new.

  1. Routine checks

We have discussed how headlights can suddenly stop when the bulb is bad or when the wiring is compromised. To prevent these from happening, you would do well to do regular checks on your car. When you check the oil, the engine, also make sure the headlights are in good condition. When you notice anything funny, consult an expert to look into it before it gets out of hand. 

  1. Stop overusing

Earlier in this piece, we have seen how overuse can blow up the fuse, so it would be best to not overuse the headlights or the power that connects to it. 

That way, you would be protecting your fuse and ultimately ensuring your headlights are safe.

  1. Be thorough when changing

Bulbs for instance, when they blow may need to be changed. As earlier mentioned, in more ways than one, your car headlight bulbs are connected. So if one blows, it is more advisable to change them both and refrain from changing just the one. Just to be on the safer side. 

  1. DIY only if you are certain

It may be to save money, to save time or effort, but usually, when headlight issues pop up, you may not feel the need to give it to a specialist to fix it. This is not to say that that’s bad, but inasmuch as there are DIY methods to take care of your headlights, if you are not sure what you are doing, the best thing to do is to take it to an auto-repair specialist.

Conclusively, there is no doubt that headlights are extremely important and they contribute immensely to your safety while driving. Do not compromise on them, take care of them, and stay safe.

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