How to replace headlights on Land Rover

How to replace headlights on Land Rover

As far as vehicle lights go, headlights are the most important lights of a vehicle. When vehicles were first created, headlights were just used to see the road at nights but then it tipped the scale by also serving as a tool for defensive driving against bright blinding headlights

But as time went on, better cars began to come along- sleeker, more beautiful and most importantly, faster. With these advancements like the bendable headlights, came a stronger demand for effective headlights. 

Now, headlights are an extreme necessity to protect yourself as a driver at night and have gone beyond the traditional beam to bumper mounted headlights with laser beams. With these advanced headlights, you can gauge the speed of an incoming vehicle and act accordingly. 

More importantly, with good headlight, you also get to keep the other vehicles safe. They can see you from afar and you ultimately avoid collisions.

Moreover, how else do you determine the speed of an oncoming vehicle at night? Through headlights! 

So now that we know how important your Land Rover headlights are, you can only imagine how awful it is when they get faulty and need replacement. 

You cannot afford to compromise on the quality of your headlight at any point because it may be the only thing that keeps you safe when driving. This is why it’s vital that you have an idea of the different prices of headlights replacement parts to guide your decision making when purchasing your Land rover’s headlight replacement part. To get stayed, check out the table below. 

Prices of Land Rover headlight replacement parts by vehicle model

Prices of Land Rover headlight replacement parts by vehicle model
Car typeCar modelApplicationProductPrice
Land Rover 2016 Land Rover DefenderHeadlight 
Oracle Lighting® – 2.5″ High/Low Beam Round Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors 
$89 – $100
Land Rover 2015 Land Rover Discovery High and Low Beam 
Race Sport® G5-PROJECTOR – High/Low Beam Round G5 CCFL Halo Bi-Xenon Retrofit Projectors 
$181 – $190
Land Rover 2014 Land Rover Freelander Headlight Replacement
Morimoto® – Mini Gatling Gun Gloss Black Retrofit Projector Shrouds m
$50 – $120
Land Rover2013 Land Rover LR2Headlights
Morimoto® – Bullet Chrome Retrofit Projector Shrouds 
$50 – $90
Land Rover 2012 Land Rover Range Rover H1 
Morimoto® – Apollo 3.0 Chrome Retrofit Projector Shrouds
$70 – $100
Land Rover 2011 Land Rover Replacement Headlight (Remanufactured OE) Replace® $300 – $350

Replacing your Land Rover headlight like a pro

Replacing your Land Rover headlight like a pro

When your Land Rover headlights are faulty, you can replace them yourself simply by following these easy steps.

  1. Ppo the bonnet

Open the bonnet by pulling on the lever by the door opening. Be sure to prop the bonnet securely before you begin changing the headlights. 

  1. Locate the bulb headlight 

Start first with the left hand side of the bulb, it’s a lot easier to take out, and you may not need tools. You do need a torch just to see things clearly. 

  1. Move to the right headlight bulb

Now, the right side of the lights may be a bit more complicated. First remove the air filter housing with a screwdriver. It should not be too difficult. 

At this point, you must be extra careful not to damage any wiring around the filter housing. 

  1. Pull the plastic tab at the rim cover

By pulling the plastic tab on the rim of the cover, you can access the right bulb. It should come off easily.

  1. Detach the bulb cable

The bulb is located in the lamp housing by small plastic clips fitted on either side of the bulb, behind the rectangular aluminum bulb housing. 

Then withdraw the bulb with the cable still attached to it, after which you detach the globe from the old socket and into the new one. 

  1. Secure the new globe

With the cabling connected, the new globe is simply pushed into the lamp housing, making sure it is lined up in the same way the old one was removed. Push the new globe home securely until the retaining clips click into place. Wiggle the new globe gently to make sure it is secure.

  1. Replace the bulb access cover

Now, you’re in the end zone. Replace the bulb access cover and secure it. Ensure there is no dust or water on it, and when it is secure, check the headlights to see how they work, and you’re done! 


While replacing your car headlights when they burnout is highly recommended, what happens when you have working headlights but the beam can’t brighten up the road for proper visibility? In this case, your car headlights might be suffering from oxidation! Oxidation affects only the lenses of your headlight housing so, simply replacing your headlight bulbs won’t solve this except you opt-in for a complete headlight housing replacement which is rather expensive than changing burned bulbs.

However, with a simple application of a restoration wipe, this problem can be a thing of the past. But first, you need to buy a headlight restoration kit and follow this complete guide on how to restore Headlights using headlight restoration kits

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