How to replace headlights on Honda

How to replace headlights on Honda

From a small private workshop to a multibillion-dollar enterprise, the Honda Motor Company has made an incredible journey. While many modern cars came with defects that should be repaired, Soichiro Honda, the company’s founder kept his company ahead of the curve with advanced headlight systems. The Honda T360, a Kei car truck designed for the Japanese market, launched Honda’s automotive manufacturing aspirations in 1963. Next in line was the two-door roadster, the Honda S500, also launched in 1963. Honda introduced the Honda L700, a two-door commercial delivery van, in 1965. The air-cooled, four-cylinder, gasoline-powered Honda 1300 was Honda’s first four-door sedan, released in 1969. The Civic was a famous hatchback worldwide, but it wasn’t the first two-door hatchback produced. Another Kei car, the Honda N360, was modified for international sale as the N600. The Civic, which debuted in 1972 and replaced the N600, had a smaller sister, the Honda Life, water-cooled and replaced the air-cooled N360.

Honda’s efforts in the Kei car segment were reflected by the Honda Life and bright LED headlights, which featured sedan, delivery truck, and small pick-up platforms on a shared chassis. The Life StepVan took a unique approach that, while not immediately commercially successful, appears to be influencing vehicles with front-seat passengers seated behind the engine, a vast cargo area with a flat roof and a lift gate in back, and a transversely mounted engine with a front-wheel-drive powertrain.

Fun facts about Honda

Fun facts about Honda
  • The Honda brand’s official slogan 

Honda used the slogan “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” to promote motorcycles at first. Then, in place of this slogan, Honda released its all-time official slogan, “The Power of Dreams.”

  • Soichiro Honda founded Honda motors

Soichiro Honda was an engineer and a well-known Japanese racing driver who worked tirelessly to develop such a great automobile company. His company specialized in the design, production, and repair of motorized bicycles and motorcycles. He called his company the Honda Technical Research Institute, which began manufacturing its engines two years later and was renamed the Honda Motor Company.

  • Projects that succeeded in the 1950s

Honda Motors launched two successful ventures in the 1950s, both of which were scooters and motorcycles. The Juno k-type scooter project was named after the first Honda model to be exported to the United States. The Dream Type D, a motorcycle with a 98 cubic centimeter engine, was the motorcycle’s second project.

  • American Honda motor company

In 1959, the Honda Motor Company founded the American Honda Motor Company, which became the world leader in motorcycle manufacturing and opened offices worldwide. Honda dealerships spread in Germany, Belgium, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada over the next ten years.

  • The Honda Accord was the Japanese automaker’s first car

Since its inception in 1976, this model has always been highly profitable. Only in the United States has the corporation sold millions of cars. It was producing sales all over the country, but it also won numerous automotive awards. Honda is currently working on the tenth generation of this model.

  • Toyota initially used the Honda’ prelude’ as a trademark

Toyota had been using the name “Prelude” as a trademark, but they decided to leave it for Honda. The Prelude was the first in Honda’s series of cars with names that had something to do with music (other names included “Quintet,” “Concerto,” and “Ballade”).

Prices of Honda headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model

Prices of Honda headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model
Honda car modelCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Honda Accord
Honda Accord (2010)
Main Headlight Beam
CG Black DRL Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal
$459.01 – $560

Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V (2011)
Main Headlight Beam
Spyder Black Factory Style Headlights
$221.37 – $230

Honda Civic
Honda Civic (2012)
Main Headlight Beam
WinjetChrome DRL Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal
$434.99 – $450

Honda Crosstour
Honda Crosstour (2013)
Main Headlight Beam
Original (OEM)Headlights
$374.62 – $400

Honda Insight
Honda Insight (2014)
Main Headlight Beam
Replace Replacement Headlight (Remanufactured OE)
$312.78 – $320

Honda Odyssey
Honda Odyssey (2015)
Main Headlight Beam
Spyder Black Factory Style Projector Headlights
$188.43 – $200

Honda Pilot
Honda Pilot (2016)
Main Headlight Beam
Replace Replacement Headlight (Brand New OE)
$489.98 – $500

Honda Ridgeline
Honda Ridgeline (2017)
Main Headlight Beam
Replace Replacement Headlight (Remanufactured OE)
$311.05 – $320

Honda Civic Si
Honda Civic Si (2018)
Main Headlight Beam
Spyder Black Factory Style Projector Headlights
$328.09 -$350

Honda Pilot
Honda Pilot (2021)
Main Headlight Beam
Replace Replacement Headlight (Brand New OE)
$489.98 – $500

Step by step to change Honda headlight

Step 1 – Open the bonnet and disconnect the light bulb connectors

Always make sure your headlights are turned off before starting any headlight repairs. The headlight wiring connections are mounted on the back of the headlight assemblies and can be accessed by removing the adjustment screws. If your adjustment screws are broken, here is how to replace a headlight adjustment screw. They are a twist fit on the majority of cars. Pull the housings with the bulbs still attached after rotating the connectors. If you try to force it, the plastic connectors will break.

Step 2 – Remove the attachment clips from the front bumper

Loosen the bolts on the bottom corners of the bumper. Locate the plastic pins on the bumper’s rim. Remove the entire push pin assembly from the holes using a flat head screwdriver to sprout up the push pins’ heads. Along the top of the bumper, there are four clips. To release the clips, gently raise the bumper as you pull it away from the car while still keeping it in place. The bumper could then be removed.

Step 3 – Remove the headlight

A metal support bracket is attached to the headlight with three 10 mm bolts. Remove the bolts first, then the bracket. Under the headlight, two additional 10 mm bolts must be removed. You’ll also need to remove the upper support bracket, which links the headlight to the radiator support’s upper tie bar.

Step 4 – Install the new headlight

With the mounting brackets lined up, the replacement housing should slide into position. All that’s remaining to do now is reassemble after an initial fitment inspection. The process for re-installation is the same as for removal.


Having your Honda car headlights replaced is a good way of getting rid of oxidation. However, if the reason for replacing your car headlights is due to oxidation alone, then it can be an unnecessary expense when you can simply make use of a headlight restoration kit. Headlight restoration kits are kits made specially to help car owners get rid of the yellowish discoloration that consumes car headlights when they are exposed to sun rays for a very long time, or road debris, and bad weather conditions. 

But, if your reason for a headlight replacement is so you can convert from stock Halogen to LED, then it’s money well spent as that can improve your visibility in addition to a continuous headlight restoration and car maintenance practice. 

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