How to fix flickering LED headlights

How to fix flickering LED headlights

Headlight flickering can easily become the nightmare that ruins your perfect day if you ever experience it at night – especially if you drive long hours on roads without proper highway or street lights. Headlight flickering is a distraction that basically reduces your ability to see far ahead of your car and they are common with different types of LED headlights. As a result, most car manufacturers have made technical adjustments to their LED bulbs to address the issue. But that could only go as far as it can because many cars still experience headlight flickering to this day! So, how can we fix flickering LED headlights for good? 

What causes LED headlights to flicker

What causes LED headlights to flicker

To fix flickering LED headlights, one must first understand its cause and one of the most common causes of LED headlights flickering is a breakdown in communication between the LEDs’ electric system and the car’s computer system. Inconsistent power supply is another cause of flickering LED headlights. While there are several other causes which might take some time to identify, In some cases, all you need to do is add a few extra parts to your car’s electrical system or fix a bad headlight relay.

Another cause of LED headlight flickering can be attributed to rewiring. This is mostly the case when a Halogen to LED headlight upgrade isn’t done well. To tackle this problem, you must also adjust the responsiveness of your car’s electric system when replacing halogen bulbs with LED headlights. The discrepancy between the computer system in your car and the LED’s electronic frequency is what causes it to flicker. The LED headlight will not operate because the electric system was designed to support the halogen lamp.

Step by step how to fix flickering LED headlight

Step by step how to fix flickering LED headlight

Various ways can be used to resolve the flickering issue with your LED headlight. LED decoders, load resistors, warning cancellers, and anti-flicker adaptors, for example, can all be used. The following are some of the most reliable methods for repairing flickering LED headlights;

  • Ensure constant supply of current

Providing a LED with an unstable current can be harmful to the LED. This means that if you continue to provide it with irregular power, you risk irreversibly damaging it. Flickering is an indication that your LED isn’t receiving enough power.

This problem is usually solved by just installing a driver with your LED headlights. It will allow the electric system to ensure that the LED headlight receives a constant and steady supply of voltage. If your car’s wiring is too old, on the other hand, you can install the LED headlight driver.

  • Load resistor

This is another useful piece of equipment that can help you deal with the flickering problem. With the help of a load resistor, you can supply enough current to the LEDs. When you switch from halogen to LED headlights, you will notice a significant reduction in power consumption.

You can control the excess current with the help of a load resistor. As a result, your car’s computer system can connect with the LED headlights’ electrical system. Load resistors are typically simple to set up, as they simply need to be plugged in and used.

  • LED decoder

A LED decoder is another effective solution for repairing a flickering LED. This component has the ability to store and release electric current in a stable and consistent manner. Pulse power is used by a few car manufacturers to light halogen lighting. This technique aids in the reduction of halogen bulb power consumption and heat output. The overall performance of a halogen lamp is unaffected by the use of intermittent electricity.

When replacing halogen bulbs with LED headlights, on the other hand, you must provide a consistent source of current. This is when an LED decoder comes in handy. It has a high capacitance and enables a steady flow of electric current.

  • Anti-flickering adaptors and warning cancelers

The lights may flicker due to a lack of connection between the car’s electronics and the LED headlights. You’ll need capacitors, warning cancellers, or anti-flicker adaptors in this circumstance. These devices act as translators, allowing the car’s computer to connect with the LED headlights. The flickering LEDs will not be recognized as a defect in your car’s electrical system. Additionally, you must inspect the bulbs. Occasionally, bulbs are not properly installed in their holders.

You can also use an anti-flicker adaptor to address this problem. This is a small device that proves to be useful when dealing with various wiring challenges. It’s simple and easy to install an anti-flicker adaptor.  To use this adaptor, just connect one end to the existing circuit and the other end to the LED headlight. It’s the simplest solution to the problem of flickering LED headlights. You must, however, obtain the appropriate converter for your LED headlight. You must match the model number on the LED headlight with the model number on the anti-flicker adaptor for this to work.


fix flickering LED headlights

Car headlights are growing brighter and shiny than ever thanks to technological advancements. One of these innovations is the LED headlight, which improves vision at night. When you replace halogen lamps with LED bulbs, however, you may experience flickering. To resolve this issue, you must make your car’s electrical system compatible with LED headlights. It’s critical to use the proper kind of LED-enabled extra devices to solve compatibility concerns.

The LED headlights, for example, require a constant source of electricity. Installing a driver, which helps maintain steady voltage, will help you reach this goal. It also adjusts for your car’s wiring difficulties, which normally impede a constant current supply. If your LED headlight is still flickering after installing the driver, check the connections. You can eliminate the possibility of errors by studying the operation of relays, wiring, and switches. 

Lastly, Aside from wiring and onboard computer issues, oxidation, moisture, or headlight discoloration can cause your LED headlight to discolour. A simple remedy for oxidation on your headlight lenses would be to make use of a headlight restoration kit. To get your headlight restoration wipe or kit, visit your local automobile accessory seller or click here to buy now

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