How to clean headlights with WD-40

How to clean headlight with wd-40

Headlights have advanced from the 60’s stock sealed glass beam to modern halogen, HID, and LED polycarbonate plastic headlight lenses. This advancement is good and cost-effective, but there is a downside. The chemicals used in the production of these polycarbonate plastic lenses react to UV lights, moisture, sun rays, and heat. With time, these reactions […]

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Best headlight restoration kits in 2021

Headlights Restoration

When it comes to headlights; no matter the type or brand, maintenance is everything! Your car headlights begin to depreciate from the moment it leaves the factory right up to the moment you began cruising around the city. Headlights degrade due to exposure to different ultraviolet lights, sun rays, air pollution, airborne grit, etc. So, […]

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