How to clean headlights with toothpaste

How to clean headlights with toothpaste

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “why do I need a headlight restoration kit when I could just use my toothpaste?” The answer is simple “headlight restoration kits are specially produced with formulas intended only to restore your headlight lens while toothpastes were produced with the intention of whitening your teeth.” […]

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Restore headlights with WD-40 vs headlight restoration kit

Restore Headlights with WD-40 vs Headlight Restoration Kit

“WD-40! Does it really work?” You asked yourself over and over as you gaze on the car headlights which you had cleaned the week before. Now, you’re wondering, what’s the best way to clean headlights? You have probably heard of headlights restoration kit all over the internet but you are confused about how to restore […]

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How to Clean Yellowed Headlights

best way to clean yellow headlights

Headlights are essential items to keep the car safe. Such intense beams not only allow you to track the lane, but they also let other vehicles notice you. The unique polycarbonate plastic manufactures the headlights, and the manufacturers also polish them with compelling UV protected films. However, the headlights of your car are continually exposed to […]

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How to avoid bright, blinding headlights


Night driving presents lots of challenges for drivers! Challenges especially those that concern how far a driver sees down the road. While the visibility at night largely depends on how far a car headlight can reach, bright, blinding headlights reduces the vision of other oncoming drivers.  Senior drivers, for instance, have more sensitivity to the […]

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How dangerous is driving with cloudy headlights


As early as four to six years, headlights begin to show signs of deterioration by becoming foggy or yellowed. Since headlights are not like the car tires that we gauge often, we usually don’t consider how dangerous it is to drive with cloudy headlights. According to the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), 26 percent of the […]

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How to clean foggy headlights with vinegar

Clean foggy headlights with vinegar

If you have ever considered a DIY method to your headlight restoration, chances are you’ve heard about vinegar. Vinegar is a household item believed to be effective in removing discoloration from foggy headlights. Though there are several professional methods for car headlight restoration when it becomes oxidized and foggy, most people tend to look for […]

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How to clean oxidized headlights

Before and after clean oxidized headlights

Don’t you hate it when your car headlights get that discolored, awful yellowish appearance? If you do, then that’s a reason why you should learn how to clean oxidized headlights! For every car enthusiast, there is nothing more worrisome than looking at a discolored headlight. Immediately, your mind roams to how best to clean your oxidized […]

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