Why are the headlights of modern cars so bright

Why are the headlights of modern cars so bright?

Call it a trend, new culture, or a silent statement of car manufacturers, but if you ask anyone that drives or stays often on the road; why are the headlights of modern cars so bright? The reply is always “better visibility! What is more peculiar is the fact that these bright headlights seem to get brighter with every new model manufactured. 

So, it is conclusive to opine that these bright headlights are mainly from the modern cars that are being manufactured these days. The question now is, why are manufacturers making headlights brighter? Well, apparently, It is a common boast with them that the brighter the car headlights, the safer the drivers. However, eye specialists are saying the exact opposite as they opine that these bright lights greatly impair the sight of numerous drivers on the road, especially at night. 

On this note, it is important to mention that the purpose of car headlights is not exclusive to improving the vision of the driver of the car. Even though this is what most manufacturer’s target.  The reason eye specialists disagree is because car headlights are also supposed to protect oncoming drivers. 

So while it probably improves the sight of the drivers, it can be potentially dangerous to oncoming vehicles at night, bright blinding headlights can be dangerous and lead to a potential disaster. It is called ‘’disability glare’’ and it takes an average human about ten seconds to completely recover from it, after which there may be an accident. So, the problem is evident that bright headlights seem to be a trend out of misconception! 

Is there a solution ? 

Absolutely! While it may seem far-fetched to ask car owners to switch to cars with self dimming headlights or require the manufacturers of these cars to produce dimmer headlights, a plausible solution would be to use special clear glasses. It is not a prescription lens and it is perfect for night driving. 

what the solution for headlights bright of modern cars

The glasses have a special coating on the lens to deflect ultraviolet lights and prevent distracting brightness and the dangerous glare that causes 70% of accidents on the road involving pedestrians. Thankfully, they are relatively affordable but it would be in your best interest to seek the advice of an optician to get the one that best suits your eyes. 

Other measures to take

As crazy as it sounds, Dirt and oxidation may be another cause of the night glare and the culprit responsible for potential accidents at night. Sometimes, your car windscreen can get dirty, either from the inside or from the outside and what the dirt does is that it causes a refraction and it’ll be a lot harder to see. Once you examine your car and realize there is a kind of yellowish discoloration or haze covering your headlight lens, we recommend getting a car Headlight restoration kit. This kit helps you dissolve oxidized particles from your headlights and get it looking brand new as when you bought your car. 

Also adjusting your headlights correctly is another way of taking care and properly maintaining your aged headlight. Finally, taking regular eyes tests would do wonders to ensure your eyes are sharp and easily focused especially when you are  driving at night. 


bright moderan car headlights

It is fair to state that most car manufacturers are actually doing their best to provide safer headlights. Ford for instance is doing its best to inject safer driving through their headlights. In one of their latest family car models, they put a new Glare-Free High beam that automatically adjusts the headlight beam angle to any of the seven settings provided depending on speed, distance from other vehicles, and angle of the steering and ambient light. However, it is best to stay safe and take precautionary measures concerning your headlights. It is also crucial to understand that you are driving for other vehicles as well, especially at night. 

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