What is Adaptive Car Headlights

What is adaptive car headlights?

Imagine you are driving in the night and cruising at a comfortable speed, say 40MPH, and you suddenly approach a bend or an obstacle you are unsure of. Usually, you may need to strain your eyes to be sure what it is, or you may be nervous about driving round that bend, but adaptive headlights put an end to all these. So, what is adaptive car headlights? With adaptive headlights, there is no need to guess or get nervous, the headlights brightens up automatically when your car approaches that bend or at a distance from another vehicle, or obstruction. It gives you an automated safer driving experience. 

In 2006 alone, about 46% of fatal accidents occurred at night and that is why the invention of automatic headlights is a welcome innovation. Now, even though it is obvious why adaptive headlights are better and more improved, we would be examining the differences between the standard headlights and adaptive headlights, just to get a better perspective.

Differences between standard and adaptive headlights

Differences between standard and adaptive headlights
  • Standard Headlights Shines Straight 

One of the most significant differences in this regard is that standard headlights shine straight ahead, no matter the direction of the car and where it is headed. This may sound great, but when they go through curves, they brighten up the side of the roads more than they illuminate the road itself and so this could cause discomfort to other motorists and would reduce the visibility of the driver, especially when they’re speeding. 

  • Adaptive Headlights Reacts to Movements

Adaptive headlights on the other hand are programmed to react to the steering movements, and the speed of the car as well and it adjusts itself to illuminate accordingly. So when the driver swerves right, the headlight does the same, and vice-versa. Also, most importantly, adaptive headlights are focused solely on the road, so blinding oncoming drivers is minimized. 

  • Adaptive Headlight have Sensors 

Adaptive headlights have electronic sensors that function by detecting the speed of a car and even how fast the steering is being turned as well as the ‘’yaw’’.  

  • Standard headlights are rigid

However, standard headlights are rigid and static, they do not adapt and move with the car or driver. 

  • Adaptive headlights are more common with modern cars

Adaptive headlights are usually found in modern cars and they don’t move when they do not need to, especially when on a straight road while the standard headlights are all over the place and less flexible and automated. 


In the end, adaptive headlights come in handy when you are travelling or driving a far distance at night and the adaptive nature is top notch and ultimately prevents accidents.

Given the number of lumens found in cars, adaptive headlights turn as you stir and they better illuminate bends. As the revolution of car production continues to improve, adaptive headlights are the next big thing as they are incredibly proactive and provide the best form of safety while driving at night. 

Most cars are not embracing the production of adaptive headlights and very soon, in the nearest future, it would be compulsory in some states. In no time, it would not be a trend anymore, but normalcy. 

When vehicles are being driven at night, the beams should illuminate especially at a safe distance, and sufficiently as well. But usually, when a vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction, the driver will experience glare and that is what is known as the dazzle effect, and this is why the adaptive headlights stand out. 

Bright blinding beams is the major issue concerning headlights especially at night. To tackle this, the adaptive headlight has a separate filament fitted in and it makes everything easier. if you still have the hold headlights version you most restore headlights on a regular basis

When it comes to safety while driving, you can never be too safe and this is the principle that modern cars are honing on. Adaptive headlights are the new rave and soon, it’ll take over the world. 

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