What is a headlight ballast

What is a headlight ballast

If you own an older vehicle model and you are thinking of upgrading its headlights, chances are you’ve come across the term “Ballast.” So, what is Ballast? Simply put, a ballast is a vital part of your entire headlight system. Its core function is to control the intensity of your car’s headlight. This is why it’s mostly recommended that it would be best if you bought ballasts in addition to HID bulbs when upgrading halogen bulbs to enhanced HID technology. While you may consider it unnecessary and choose to forego it to save money, disregarding the ballasts might be at your own peril.

Ballasts can be a strange innovation to understand, especially if you’re used to just changing halogen bulbs rather than devoting time to them. On the other hand, Ballasts are required if you wish to have improved visibility on the road and improve the appearance of your automobile with HID lights.

Is ballast necessary for your car

In HID lighting, Ballast is necessary because it supplies the voltage needed to power the bulb and aids in maintaining an adequate flow of electrical current to the bulb. If you don’t use the Ballast, the bulb will use more energy and burn out faster because nothing will regulate the electrical output. On the other hand, the lights may consume less electricity, leaving you with uneven road lighting.

HID lights aren’t usually able to run on DC power. A good ballast functions as a DC to AC converter; allowing you to light the bulbs efficiently, using the Car’s usual DC power source. If you wish to benefit from the full potential of HID bulbs, you’ll need Ballast.

How to find the right ballasts for HID bulbs

How to find the right ballasts for HID bulbs

Finding the best HID ballasts for your Car is trickier than it appears. Your decision will be influenced by the Car’s make and model, as well as your needs.

  • Is it an upgrade or a change? 

Is your Car equipped with factory-installed HID bulbs? If you answered yes, the Car already has Ballast, and you will not need to replace it unless there is a fault. If you have doubts, have a professional mechanic check the Ballast. Ballast is required when switching from halogen to high-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs. The bulbs will not work without HID ballasts. To ensure an effective conversion, you must buy an HID conversion kit that contains HID bulbs, ballasts, mounting elements, wiring, and other components.

  • What wattage rating do I need?

When buying HID ballast, wattage is a vital factor to consider. When you turn on the headlight, it will determine the level/intensity of light produced by the HID bulb. 35 watts and 55 watts are the most common HID ballast alternatives on the market. You might be able to find a 70-watt HID ballast on the market. Many people believe that the brighter the light, the higher the wattage. But, when 35 watts serves its purpose for everyday use, do you need additional light output? A 35watt Canbus concealed ballast prevents the bulbs from overheating, ensuring that they last for a longer time.

  • Is canbus ballast needed?

The electric system in your Car that permits communication between various devices and components of the car without using a host computer is known as Canbus. Because HID bulbs consume less power than conventional halogen lamps, if your automobile has a Canbus system and you install regular HID ballast, the system may become disoriented. As a result, the system may show you a repeated error message indicating a problem with the headlights. A Canbus system is not available in every vehicle. Only purchase Canbus ballasts if your Car is equipped with the system.

Make the best choice when buying HID ballasts

Make the best choice when buying HID ballasts

When selecting HID ballasts for your car, you must make a perfect decision. Allowing your judgment to be clouded by confusion is not a good idea. Premium ballast can last up to 3-5 years, so choose quality before price. Find a reputable seller who will provide high-quality products with a warranty if you are new to the world of HID car lighting. Furthermore whether you are going for an HID bulb or converting from HID to Halogen, you must ensure your car headlights aren’t oxidized. To do that, get a headlight restoration wipe from our store today and enjoy a clearer headlight beam irrespective of the headlight bulb installed.   

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