Tips before choosing your next headlight bulbs

Tips before choosing your next headlight bulbs

Halogens are the norm, the LEDs are modern, and the HIDs are the brightest. The headlights family has gone too far with different styles and purposes to serve. Finding the bulbs in a crowded market is something of an enigma. How could you find the right one for your vehicle? Are there any tips before choosing your next headlight bulbs?

No more time to stress. On seeing a huge number of questions asked by our customers on this topic. We have decided to help by giving them all the information they need for their cars. This article delivers the best tips before choosing your next headlight bulbs.

Types of headlights

Headlights are the topic that doesn’t need an introduction. But before jumping straight into it. You must know some basic information about headlights and their categories.

We will not jump deep down the rabbit hole. It will be impossible to cover all of it because of the varieties and subcategories present in the market. So to keep it simple and easy. We will remain on the top.

In a broader sense, there are three main types of headlights:

  • Halogen
  • LED
  • HID

Halogen bulb 

Halogen bulb 

It’s a tradition, it’s a culture, and it’s a norm. Halogen bulbs lived for a long time, starting back in 1962. These bulbs give the drivers a better view of the road with yellow color to improve visibility in the fog. They are standard and almost used in every other economical vehicle for better vision. They are cheap, reliable and out of all, Easily available everywhere. That is something that makes them the most used headlight bulbs in the world.

LED bulb

LED bulb

You would have heard this name several times before. From TVs to house lighting. Almost everything is shifting towards the LEDs. They are bright, cheap and out of all doesn’t get too hot. They are available in different colors with different brightness levels allowing you to choose the one that fits you the best.

HID bulb

HID bulb

The last that comes on the list is the HID. They are the brightest of the three, focus far more and a bit more expensive than the others. They give a clear view of the street or roads on the front, making the night drive joyful. But everything comes with an expense. Their brightness is so high that driving on a high beam can cause unusual attention and blindness of the incoming traffic.

Tips before choosing headlight bulbs

Tips before choosing car headlight bulbs

Now you have gone through the general categories of the lightbulbs and what makes them unique from the others. Now you are in a better position to choose your headlight bulbs.

Here are the things you should consider before finalizing any product:

Why do I need it?

Before thinking of anything else, the first thing to clear out is your purpose of buying. Several factors will come into play here, ranging from where you live to the rules and regulations; If you reside in an area with insufficient street illumination, or your eyesight is poor, then going for brighter ones will be the best option. But keep in mind that your local and government laws do apply to you. It’s your responsibility to study them for your area.

Maybe your main reason for the new headlight bulbs is not eyesight or any other problem, but you desire to make your car looks sportier and attractive. In that scenario going for LEDs or HIDs would be a better option. All the luxurious car companies use LEDs or HIDs in their top variants because they give better vision and a good look when seen from the front. The halogen bulb is like an old book that you need at some moments but is not as good as it was in the past.

Perfect Size

Once your “Why” is clear, the next thing is to check the headlight bulbs that fit your model. Go for the one that fits your car without making any change to the original wirings and assembly. It is the most crucial step. A third-party manufacturer could install the one designed for other vehicles by making changes to the original wiring of your car. It is a dangerous step. Headlights run straight for many hours. They pull an amount of current from the car battery. Due to which the wire gets hot over time, and if the installation is poor, it can catch fire while driving or even when parked.


The budget is the last item on your to-do list. Among other things, it is substantial. What is the amount of money in your pocket? Do you want to spend money on style, or do you want something that will last?

Several businesses produce headlight bulbs with various technology and claim varying product lifespans. Some bulbs live longer than others. It all narrows down to your bank balance. How much are you willing to spend?

Headlight Maintenance

Headlight Maintenance tips

Do you know there is one thing that keeps the car from reaching its full potential in terms of look? That could make or destroy your impression at first glance. That can increase or decrease your vehicle value dramatically, and last can cause your money to go to waste. Do you want to know what that is?

That is the yellowish headlights. Yes, poorly maintained headlights become foggy overtimes. In reality, a headlight tells everything about your vehicle. A clear, glowing headlight attracts eyes while the yellow, rough ones destroy the mood. So you have to keep in mind that buying a new headlight bulb is not enough. It will not give you the full potential of your headlights. You have to clean your headlights too to make them look nicer and sportier.

Here is a bonus, Our Company has put a lot of its efforts to bring ease to the life of our customers. We have found that the almost 90% of customers don’t have the time to clean their headlights. Moreover, they don’t even have the time to bring their car to a shop for this. We kept that in mind and have created a product called Headlight Restoration Kit. This kit contains a unique formula that will not only clean your headlight but will also keep it glowing for a long time. It’s cheap, easy, and a most trusted product for your vehicle headlights. Give it a try to find out why people love it.

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