How To Replace Headlights On Volvo

How to replace headlights on Volvo

Accidents can happen while traveling by car or truck, but drivers can reduce their chances of being involved in one by buying and maintaining safety systems such as headlights and brakes. You choose the Volvo because it has great performance and a lot of power; you’ll want to safeguard this choice by using only the best parts and accessories. Tasteful customers rely on Volvo cars for sophisticated reliability, affordability, and luxurious looks. Your Volvo’s headlight is unquestionably the most important component for safe navigation on dark streets or in bad weather. Volvo Headlights come in various styles and can be found in most car stores; these include HID and Tungsten-halogen lamps. As soon as the light becomes dim due to oxidation, it should be replaced or restored using a headlight restoration kit. Another way to improve your vehicle is to get high-quality parts directly from a reliable source. However, you need to be knowledgeable about the different prices so you can choose wisely. 

Fun facts about Volvo

Fun facts about Volvo
  • Volvo is a Latin word that means “I spin.” Today, the closest meaning is “I roll.”
  • Volvo was founded in 1924. Gustav Larsson and Assar Gabrielsson were the two founders.
  • The Volvo V 4 is the company’s first automobile. In 1927, the first car was ready for sale. Jakob was the name given to the 2-liter, 4-cylinder engine.
  • The Type-1 truck was Volvo’s first commercial vehicle. The year of publication was 1928. Volvo launched its second vehicle, the Volvo PV 651, in the same year. In the first year, Volvo produced 1383 of both vehicles, of which 27 were exported.
  • This trend accelerated in 1932 when Volvo launched many automobiles, including trucks and cars, totaling 10,000 units.
  • The company, on the other hand, began to make a significant profit in 1935. Volvo’s first luxury vehicle was the PV36, which could seat up to six people. This legendary car’s architecture paved the way for potential Volvo vehicles. It had a price tag of 8,500 Swedish kronor when it entered the market.
  • Volvo reached a milestone in 1941 when it sold its 50,000th vehicle; this was a remarkable accomplishment given the fact that WWII was in full swing at the time.

Prices of Volvo headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model

Prices of Volvo headlight conversions bulbs
Volvo car modelCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90 (2020)
Main Headlight Beam
TYCReplacement Headlight
$569 – $640

Volvo XC60
Volvo XC60 (2019)
Main Headlight Beam
Original (OEM)Headlights
$645.23 – $690

Volvo V60
Volvo V60 (2018)
Main Headlight Beam
ValeoReplacement Headlight
$399 – $430

Volvo C70
Volvo C70 (2013)
Main Headlight Beam
ReplaceReplacement Headlight
$572 – $630

Volvo S80
Volvo S80 (2008-2011)
Main Headlight Beam
DEPO 373-1116L-AS1 Headlight Assembly
$372.78 – $420

Volvo S60
Volvo S60 (2013)
Main Headlight Beam
TYC 20-9081-90 Volvo S-60 Headlight Assembly
$280.55 – $350

Volvo XC70
Volvo XC70 (2008-2010)
Main Headlight Beam
DEPO 373-1116L-AS1 Headlight Assembly
$372 – $420

Volvo XC90
Volvo XC90 (2013-2014)
Main Headlight Beam
Replacement Driver And Passenger Side Halogen Headlight With bulbs
$249.99 – $300

Volvo S40
Volvo S40 (2004-2007)
Main Headlight Beam
Replacement Driver And Passenger Side Halogen Headlight With bulbs
$298.99 – $320

Volvo S70
Volvo S70 (1998-2000)
Main Headlight Beam
Replacement Headlight and Corner Light Kit – DOT/SAE Compliant
$216.99 – $328

How to replace a Volvo car headlight

How to replace a Volvo car headlight
  • Step 1

Disconnect the battery terminals

  • Step 2: 

Remove the back cover on the back of the headlight assembly

Open the bonnet, turn the cover on the back of the headlight assembly anticlockwise and pull it off.

  • Step 3

Disconnect the electrical connector from the headlight.

  • Step 4

Disconnect the two spring wire holders off of the headlight using your fingers.

  • Step 5

Gently remove the headlight out of the back of the housing.

  • Step 6

Install the new headlight and connect the spring wire holders. Then, plug back the power connector into the headlight.

  • Step 7

Test the newly installed headlight to ensure it is working properly before you replace the cover. Follow the same process to replace the headlight for the other side.


It would be best if you always double-checked to know if Volvo’s headlights are adjusted properly. Headlight adjustment ensures that you are not blinding oncoming traffic and that your headlights are not aimed too low. On public roads, either type of misalignment can result in a dangerous situation. 

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