How to replace headlights on Suzuki

How to replace headlights on Suzuki

From dim street lights to oncoming bright blinding headlights, nighttime driving poses serious visual challenges, especially for seniors. While driving glasses like the photochromic lens and the blue cut lens can help reduce the effect of headlight glares, they don’t necessarily enhance visuals when driving with low beam or burnout headlights. According to WebMD, “Light is crucial for vision. It bounces off objects and enters your eyes, which allows you to see.” With that being said, driving with one headlight or without headlights can get you into serious trouble like accidents and tickets from the police. But what happens when you go out with well-functioning headlights and it gets dimmed on the way or totally got burnt before you return home? How would you replace your headlights? 

With time, headlights tend to get dimmer with the average headlight lasting only 500 to 1,000 hours. This means that no matter how new your car is, you will definitely experience a bad headlight sooner or later and what you will do in that situation will determine if you will go home with your car or if you would have to call the tolling van. Luckily, you found this page and we are all about helping you get the best experience of your car by providing you with great tips that would ensure you have a seamless drive. Before we show you how to replace your headlights when they burn out, let’s look at the different headlight signs that indicate you have a faulty headlight. 

Why need replace headlighs on suzuki

why need replace headlighs on suzuki
  1. They flicker on their own.

If you turn on your headlights and they flicker on and off on their own, then it’s a sign that you should change them before they flicker off and never come on again 

  1. They are dim 

Headlight bulbs, like every other bulb, are usually very clear and bright when you first get them. But with time, they may grow dim and wear out. As soon as you notice that the beam of your headlight isn’t as bright as it should, then it’s a sign for you to start looking to get them replaced.

  1. They burn out 

One or both headlights can burn out. If one burns out, the other one usually follows shortly. It’s unsafe to use just one headlight and so in such a situation, it is best to replace both headlights so that the beams would not be uneven when you replace just one. Now that you know the signs to look out for, do you know the different prices of a headlight replacement part for your car?  

Prices of Suzuki headlights by vehicle’s model 

Prices of Suzuki headlights by vehicle’s model 
Car typeCar model ApplicationProductPrice
SuzukiSuzuki Aerio  2007Chrome housing, clear lens. Lens and Housing Replace® $120 – $270
SuzukiSuzuki SX4 2007 H4 (HB2) low beam, halogen high beam Replacement Headlight by TYC® $128 – $140
SuzukiSuzuki Esteem 2007Chrome housing, clear lens. Lens and Housing. Light up your way with factory replacement headlights Replacement Headlight by Pacific Best® $135 – $250
SuzukiSuzuki Forenza 2007Chrome housing, clear lens Replacement Headlight Unit by Depo®  $120 – $170
SuzukiSuzuki Grand Vitara 2007Chrome housing, clear lens. Lens and Housing Driver Side Replacement Headlight by K-Metal®$150 – $200
SuzukiSuzuki Reno 2007LED Fog headlightsUniversal Factory Style LED Fog Light by Black Horse® $50 – $70

Step by step to change the suzki car headlight

Step by step to change the suzki car headlight

Note that before you begin, you can check out your owner’s manuals for instructions

  1. Step 1: Turn off the engine of your car and prop open the hood 

  2. Step 2: Locate the black rubber boot in the engine compartment and remove it. And then loosen the little wire clip.

  3. Step 3: Pull out the old bulb from the housing; you might have to wiggle it until it comes loose. If there is a release clip, press it so it comes loose. While removing the bulb, try not to pull it by the glass

  4. Step 4: Install the new bulb -Plug in the new bulb, line up the bulbs housing with the open socket. Insert it and ensure that it is  secure, you can twist in the bulb to make sure it’s locked in 

  5. Step 5: Reconnect the wire clip and black rubber boot.  You can repeat this on the other side. When you’re done, turn on headlights to confirm both are working. 


As I said previously, headlights have up to 1,000 hours lifespan so replacing your Suzuki’s headlight is inevitable at some point in a vehicle’s life. But then, replacing your headlights every time they appear dim can be costly. The best alternative to replacing your headlights regularly and cutting down on cost is to make use of headlight restoration kits. These kits like the Clear light tech restoration wipe are designed to remove buildups and oxidation from headlights with a single application. The best part is that these wipes can be bought per Sarchet for a one-off application or in multiple kits for future headlight restoration – Thus, saving you lots of money. 

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