How to replace headlights on Subaru

How to replace headlights on Subaru

Your Subaru’s headlights, whether in a sports car like the Subaru BRZ or a crossover like the Subaru Crosstrek, keep you and other drivers safe on the road at night, allowing everyone to experience true faith in motion.

If these exterior vehicle lights display poorly, they must be replaced or restored using a headlight restoration wipe as soon as possible. For your Subaru headlights, you can choose between OEM and OE replacement parts.

Fun Facts about Subaru

  • Subaru is an automobile powerhouse that manufactures vehicles for the global market. Kenji Kita formed the company on July 7th, 1953. The company’s headquarters are in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan.
  • Subaru is renowned for using the boxer engine configuration in virtually all of its 1500cc plus vehicles. This layout including bright advanced headlights ensures a much smoother ride when compared to other engines.
  • Subaru is known for offering turbocharged versions of its standard passenger cars, with the Impreza WRX being a good example.
  • Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, has a limited partnership with Toyota, with Toyota owning 16.5% of FHI’s stock.
  • The company’s name is derived from the Japanese script word for the cluster of stars known as “The Seven Sisters,” and its logo reflects this.
  • The Subaru 1500 was the first Subaru car to be built, and only twenty were manufactured.
  • Subaru’s car models Exiga and BRZ were designed and produced in 2008 and 2012, respectively.
  • Toyota is working with Subaru on developing and producing potential Subaru cars, such as a new sports car.
  • The Subaru of America division was founded in Philadelphia in 1968, but it has since been relocated to Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
  • Today, almost all Subaru models come standard with all-wheel drive, which has been available since 1996.

Prices of subaru headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model

Prices of subaru headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model

The first thing that comes to mind when we notice a dimmed headlight bulb either due to a bad headlight relay or burnout bulb is to replace the faulty bulb immediately. While that’s what we are supposed to do, it’s also important for us to be aware of the different prices our headlight bulbs would cost according to our car model. To get you started, here are the prices of Subaru headlight conversion bulbs by vehicle model. 

Subaru carCar typeApplicatinProductPrice
Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester (2011)
Main Headlight Beam
Alzare Replacement Headlight

Subaru Impreza
Subaru Impreza (2012)
Main Headlight Beam
Sherman Replacement Headlight

Subaru Legacy
Subaru Legacy (2013)
Main Headlight Beam
Anzo – Black U-Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal

Subaru Outback
Subaru Outback (2014)
Main HeadlightBeam
Depo Replacement Headlight

Subaru WRX
Subaru WRX (2015)
Main HeadlightBeam
Pacific Best Replacement Headlight

Subaru Crosstrek
Subaru Crosstrek (2016)
Main  HeadlightBeam
K-Metal Driver Side Replacement Headlight

Subaru BRZ
Subaru BRZ
Main Headlight Beam
Morimoto XB Black/Smoked DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights with Sequential Turn Signal

Subaru Legacy
Subaru Legacy (2018)
Main Headlight Beam
Sherman Replacement Headlight

Subaru Ascent
Subaru Asent (2019)
Main Headlight Beam
Pacific Best Replacement Headlight

Subaru Forester
Subaru Forester (2020)
Main Headlight Beam
Replace Replacement Headlight (Remanufactured OE)
Subaru carCar typeApplicatinProductPrice
Subaru ForesterSubaru Forester (2011)Main Headlight BeamAlzare Replacement Headlight$312.53
Subaru ImprezaSubaru Impreza (2012)Main Headlight BeamSherman Replacement Headlight$203.15
Subaru LegacySubaru Legacy (2013)Main Headlight BeamAnzo – Black U-Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal$619.12
Subaru OutbackSubaru Outback (2014)Main HeadlightBeamDepo Replacement Headlight$186.01
Subaru WRXSubaru WRX (2015)Main HeadlightBeamPacific Best Replacement Headlight$209.91
Subaru CrosstrekSubaru Crosstrek (2016)Main  HeadlightBeamK-Metal Driver Side Replacement Headlight$235.97
Subaru BRZSubaru BRZMain Headlight BeamMorimoto XB Black/Smoked DRL Bar Projector LED Headlights with Sequential Turn Signal$930.00
Subaru LegacySubaru Legacy (2018)Main Headlight BeamSherman Replacement Headlight$256.03
Subaru AscentSubaru Asent (2019)Main Headlight BeamPacific Best Replacement Headlight$262.08
Subaru ForesterSubaru Forester (2020)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight (Remanufactured OE)$311.05

Steps to change a Subaru car headlight

How to replace a subaru car headlight

Step 1: 

Open your Subaru’s bonnet. Switch on the headlights to see which one is bad and where it is located in the assembly. This is also the best time to search for other burned-out bulbs. Remove or loosen any object (such as the battery) that prevents your hand from accessing the backside of the headlight assembly. If only one of your headlight bulbs is bad, it’s recommended that you change both headlight bulbs because the other one isn’t far behind. 

Step 2:

 Find the two wired plugs that are connected to the halogen headlight’s electrical blades. Remove the plugs and mark them correctly.

Step 3: 

Look for the black rubber cover that protects the headlight’s back from moisture and other elements. Remove this black rubber cover.

Step 4:

The is a wire spring that holds the halogen headlight in place, locate this spring and release it from the locking clip.

Step 5:

Take out the bad bulb and replace it with a new one. Be careful not to touch the new headlight’s glass bulb. When inserting the new headlight into the headlight assembly, ensure the flange’s notch is in the top center position and lock it with the wire clip.

Step 6:

Replace the black rubber cover the same way you took it off and reconnect the wires to the new light bulb’s blades. Confirm that the new bulb is working correctly by turning on the lights.

Replace the battery holder, as well as any other things you might have loosened or removed to gain entry. Close the bonnet after removing the tools and the old lamp.

replace a subaru car headlight


Ellipsoidal, freeform, and parabolic headlights are the three types of headlights available for your Subaru. Ellipsoidal headlights are also known as projector headlights because they function similarly to projectors. They are cut off horizontally at the first focal point before being projected back through a curved lens. Since freeform headlights have a transparent front mirror, they don’t need the reflector that parabolic headlights do. Finally, parabolic headlights use a parabolic reflector to focus and monitor the beam of their light source.

A Subaru OE replacement headlight will cost anywhere from $23 to $680. Its cost varies depending on the manufacturer. Individual headlights, pairs, and exterior vehicle light replacement kits with other parts such as corner lights and turn signal lights are available.

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