How to replace headlights on Pontiac

How to replace headlights on Pontiac

A typical car has many aspects and essential features. One of them is the headlights. You can describe a vehicle’s headlights in many ways, but some people will choose to call it the eyes of the car. Well, if you look at the position of the headlights, they fit in to look like the eyes of the car. Also, it is the headlights that illuminate your way when you are driving at night. Thus, it is also fitting to call the headlights the eyes of a car. 

Many people will not dare to drive a car that has faulty headlights at night. But what happens if you have a necessary appointment? Will you forego that appointment if you cannot get in touch with your mechanic and there is no other option?

It always comes in handy when you know how to change your headlights, which will be the focus of this article. 

If you own a Pontiac car, you will learn how to change its headlights and the possible prices to anticipate when you want to buy headlights. 

When do I need to change my headlights?

When do I need to change my pontiac headlights

Before going further to talk about changing a Pontiac car headlight, you need to know the signs that indicate that you should change your headlights. 

It is easy to assume that; it’s when your headlights stop functioning that it’s time to change the bulbs. However, some signals come before then. 

These signs are: 

  • Flickering headlights. If you notice that your headlights flicker at intervals, it is a sign that it is due for a change. Usually, this flickering goes on for a while before functioning entirely. Some people may overlook this flickering because it is not frequent or because it still works. However, you cannot anticipate when it will stop working. It is always best to take action early. There are many reasons why your headlights may be flickering. It could be that there is a shaky or faulty connection, or the bulbs are worn out. The same way a human gets worn out sometimes also applies to the headlight bulbs. For humans, you will need to rest and restore your energy. For headlights, you will need to change them. Sometimes, all you may need is to check the wiring and make it tighter. This is in a case of shaky or faulty connection. 
  • Dim headlights. As a car owner, you need to be conscious and observant. Your car is almost like your child, so it needs adequate care. Typically, you will know how bright the light shines on a regular day. When it starts going lower, it is a sign that it needs to be changed. It is wrong to try to manage using dim headlights as this will only cause more damages. There is always an expiry date for things, and the dimness may mean that the bulb is reaching its expiry date. Sometimes, dimness comes from the accumulation of dirt. If you have cleaned out that area and it is still dim, it needs replacement. 
  • One headlight is not functioning. Sometimes, one headlight may stop working while the other is still functioning. Once this happens, there is a need to change both headlights. In most cases, one stops working, and the other follows after. Sadly, some people may want to manage and use only one headlight, leading to accidents. To be on the safe side, you should always practice sound car headlight maintenance routine.

These are signs that would indicate that you need to replace your headlights. Now, here are various Pontiac car models and the prices of their headlights:

Pontiac car headlights prices by model 

Pontiac carCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Pontiac BonnevillePontiac Bonneville (2005)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight $151.83 – $159. 
Pontiac GTO Pontiac GTO(2006)H1 Low Beam Spyder Chrome/Smoke LED Halo Projector $329.43 
Pontiac Firebird Pontiac Firebird (2002)Main Headlight BeamGE 3.7×6″ Rectangular Chrome Factory Style Sealed Beam Headlight $18.39 
Pontiac Grand AmPontiac Grand Am(2005)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight $285.55 – $311.05 
Pontiac Montana Pontiac Montana(2009)Main Headlight BeamPacific Best Replacement Headlight $148.25 – $171.96 
Pontiac VibePontiac Vibe (2010)Main Headlight BeamPacific Best Replacement Headlight$124.53 – $181.45 
Pontiac SolsticePontiac Solstice (2009)Passenger Side Headlight Replace Passenger Side Replacement $285.55 

Steps to replace Pontiac car headlight

Steps to replace Pontiac car headlight

Follow these steps when you want to replace your Pontiac car headlight. You will need a socket and ratchet, and screwdriver to carry out these steps

Step 1 

Remove the bolts. The bolts to remove are the bolts that hold the headlight assembly together. Once you open the hood of your car, you will need to remove the bolts that let you access the headlights area. This is where your 7MM socket and rachet will come in handy. 

Steps 2 

Remove the bumper clips. After you take out the bolts, the next step is to remove the bumper clips. You cannot make any replacement to the headlights of a Pontiac car if the bumper is still in place. To remove these bumper clips, you will need a flat screwdriver. Once the clips are out, move the bumper forward so that you can have adequate space to access the headlights.

Step 3 

Remove the bulbs. Ideally, you need to take out your old bulbs before you can make any replacement. You may encounter some other hurdles while trying to take out these bulbs, but you will not need any tools in this case. All you need to do is tug gently or squeeze it a bit to come loose. 

Step 4 

Put in the new bulb. Once the old bulb is out, put in your replacement. Ensure that you remember what you need while taking out the old bulb, as that is what you need to do to ensure that the new bulb stays in place. 

Step 5

Test the headlights. Before replacing the bumper and the headlight assembly, test the headlights to ensure that they are working. Ensure that you are satisfied before putting back the bumper and headlight assembly. This helps to eliminate stress or double work. 


Replacing your car headlights helps to improve night time driving and also keep other road users safe on the road. But, if replacement isn’t what your car headlights need, perhaps you can try using a headlight restoration wipe to clean the lenses of your headlight to get rid of any oxidation. 

However, if the issue is due to a faulty bulb or wiring connection, then you would also need to replace the faulty bulbs, fuse, or repair the connection after restoring your headlights using CLT restoration kit

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