How to replace headlights on Mazda

How to replace headlights on Mazda

There is a proper time to announce your presence. It’s possible to get lost in the shuffle of so many “cloned” vehicles navigating the landscape. Mazda Projector Headlights aren’t like that. Mazda Euro Headlights come in a variety of models and colors. Mazda headlights are available in different types of headlight housing to fit drivers of all tastes and backgrounds. CCFL Angel Eyes, Crystal Clear, JDM Black, Clear Projector, Yellow Fog Lights, and other options are available. Mazda Projector Headlights’ unmistakable “Halo” effect always elicits a response.

Mazda’s Adaptive LED Headlights (ALH) is the height of headlight technology, illuminating the road ahead as if it were daytime. Now, one might wonder, why are the headlights of modern cars so bright? Well, the answer is simple; to enable motorists drive safely and stress-free at any time. By integrating three technologies, the device improves visibility at night to help drivers remain alert: glare-free High Beams, which dim part of the illuminated area to avoid blinding other drivers, Wide-range Low Beams, which light up a larger area at low speeds and Highway mode, which allows you to see further while traveling at speed.

Fun facts about Mazda

Fun facts about Mazda
  • In the 1960s, Mazda partnered with NSU Wankel, a German company, to build and produce the famous rotary engine, which went on to achieve a lot of motorsport success.
  • Mazda was named after Jujiro Matsuda, the company’s founder, and Ahura Mazda, the Iranian-Zoroastrian God of Wisdom.
  • Mazda is the only Japanese car manufacturer to have won the 24 Hours of Le Man’s race, which was in 1991.
  • Mazda began as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Company, an artificial cork manufacturer, in 1920 for World War I but switched to automobile manufacturing after the war.
  • The Mazda MX-5 Miata was named the best-selling two-seat sports car in the Guinness Book of Records in 2000.
  • In 1987, Mazda established a manufacturing facility in Flat Rock, Michigan (near Detroit). Ford now owns a 50% stake in the facility, forming the AutoAlliance International, Inc. joint venture.
  • Mazda was the first to launch a special three-wheeled truck in 1931, which was a huge success. 
  • The new Mazda logo was designed with an owl in mind, and the “open wing” look is intended to symbolize Mazda’s vision to “expand its wings for the future,” according to the designer.
  • Mazda is involved with a number of international charities and has established a number of initiatives in different countries to help teach healthy driving habits, support education, environmental protection and a variety of other worthwhile causes.
  • Mazda’s corporate headquarters is in Hiroshima, Japan. When Hiroshima was bombed during WWII, the headquarters were spared due to the fact that it was not direct in the city and a small mountain called Ogonzan stood in the way.

Prices of Mazda headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model

Prices of Mazda headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model
Mazda car model
Car type
Mazda 6
Mazda 6 (2017)
Main Headlight Beam
SpyderBlack LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights

Mazda 2
Mazda 2 (2016)
Main Headlight Beam
AlzareReplacement Headlight Lens and Housing

Mazda 3
Mazda 3 (2015)
Main Headlight Beam
SpyderBlack LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights

Mazda 5
Mazda 5 (2014)
Main Headlight Beam
ReplaceReplacement Headlight (Brand New OE)

Mazda 626
Mazda 626 (2002)
Main Headlight Beam
TYCReplacement Headlight

Mazda B-Series
Mazda B-Series (2010)
Main Headlight Beam
DepoReplacement Headlight

Mazda CX-3
Mazda CX-3 (2019)
Main Headlight Beam
ReplaceReplacement Headlight (Brand New OE)

Mazda CX-5
Mazda CX-5 (2018)
Main Headlight Beam
SpyderFactory Style Projector LED Headlights

Mazda CX-9
Mazda CX-9 (2016)
Main Headlight Beam
ReplaceReplacement Headlight

Mazda Tribute
Mazda Tribute (2010)
Main Headlight Beam
AlzareReplacement Headlight

Steps to replace headlights

Steps to replace Mazda headlights
  • Ensure that your car engine is off and that the headlight control switch is set to “Off.” Some manuals will instruct you to disconnect the battery before changing your car headlights, but this isn’t necessary unless you’re maybe careless.
  • The bonnet latch should be released. Open the bonnet and locate the headlight assembly. Two black plastic dome covers with the words “Top,” “Open,” and “Close” stamped on them are visible. Turn the cover until it separates from the headlight assembly in the direction of the word “Open.” Remove the cover and set it aside.
  • Place a small mirror near the opening of the headlight assembly to improve your vision. You will see the wires plugged into the headlight blades, as well as the wire retaining clip that keeps the headlight inside the assembly. Disconnect these wire connections from the headlight blades.
  • The is a screw located on one side of the wire retaining clip and the release tab of the clip is located on the opposite side of the screw, which also serves as a hinge for the clip. Push the tab inward and then back away from the locking notch. The clip will open, allowing you to remove the headlight assembly apart.
  • Take note of the location of the headlight base’s flat edge. Except for one spot, the base is round. The replacement headlight must be installed in the same spot as the bad one.
  • Wear latex gloves to handle the new headlight. Oils on your hands will cause weak spots in this high-intensity headlight bulb, causing it to burn out sooner than expected.
  • With the flat part of the base facing upward, insert the headlight into the assembly. Pull the wire spring clip into place and then force it inward and toward the locking notch until it locks properly. 
  • Connect the wire harness to the replacement headlight’s blades and test it by turning on the lights. Check the black cover’s gasket to see if it’s correctly seated. Insert the cover and turn it toward the word “Close” first before the word “Top” appears on the top.


When driving at night, your Mazda’s headlights are built to make it easy to see and be seen. You will need to change your headlights or better still, restore them using headlight restoration kits if you find that your lights are becoming dim. Wide-range low beams, which are mounted on the side of Mazda headlights, illuminate a larger area than conventional low beams. These new low beams, which can travel up to 40 km/h, improve visibility at night, particularly while driving through intersections.

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