How to replace headlights on Jeep

How to replace headlights on Jeep

Off-roading with a Jeep can be a blast. While driving off-road, or drifting will require you to know how to clean car headlights glass, it offers a fantastic driving experience, especially for those who enjoy an outdoor adventure. However, one of this vehicle’s known flaws is its subpar headlights and its common knowledge that all cars and trucks need bright and efficient headlights to provide a clear view of the road especially during the night, or adverse weather conditions. If you enjoy driving to the mountains, beaches, and other off-road trails daily and own a Jeep, you’re in luck when it comes to finding the right Jeep headlights. Several types of headlight housing replacement options are available, and this guide will give you an idea of the different highlight prices so you can make better decisions. 

Every Jeep owner deserves clear, bright lights that can only be achieved through headlight restoration using restoration wipes or headlights replacement to help perfect vision while driving at night, which is why the 6,000k color temperature ensures that users get good quality white light to brighten up the road. Furthermore, Jeep’s lamp’s black aluminum casing enhances its longevity while also enhancing its appearance.

Fun Facts about Jeep

Fun Facts about Jeep car
  • The vehicle was initially known as the GP, which stood for “General Purpose Vehicle” in the military. Popeye, a cartoon character from the late 1940s, mocked it by naming it a Jeep, and the name stuck.
  • The Cherokee SUV model was created to represent the Cherokee people’s civility and ruggedness.
  • Willys, Ford, and Bantam were the first three companies to manufacture military GPs (jeeps).
  • Willys and Ford collaborated on the production of all Jeeps during WWII.
  • Jeep is a common word for any four-wheel-drive vehicle used in many countries around the world.
  • Bantam was not awarded the Military GP contract because it thought they would be unable to produce the same number of vehicles as Willys and Ford.
  • After a backlash against the square headlights, the company returned to TJ’s traditional round headlights.
  • The fenders on the first Jeeps were flat rather than rounded, as they were on later models. The term “flat-fender” was coined as a result of this. 
  • Ford engineers engineered the recessed round headlamps with hinges. This was done so that the headlamps could pivot backward and illuminate the engine compartment.
  • An old battered Jeep made it through two beach landings and was awarded the Purple Heart.

Prices of Jeep headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model

Prices of Jeep headlight conversions bulbs by vehicle model
Jeep car modelCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Jeep CommanderJeep Commander (2010)Main Headlight BeamOracle LightingChrome Factory Style Headlights with Color Halo$641 – $700
Jeep CompassJeep Compass (2011)Main Headlight BeamLumenBlack DRL Bar Projector Headlights with LED Turn Signal$377 – $400
Jeep Grand CherokeeJeep Grand Cherokee (2012)Main Headlight BeamSpyderChrome LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights$395.77 – $400
Jeep PatriotJeep Patriot (2013)Main Headlight BeamOracle LightingChrome Factory Style Headlights with Color Halo$476 – $500
Jeep WranglerJeep Wrangler (2014)Main Headlight BeamLumen7″ Round Black LED Headlights with Dynamic Start and Switchback Halo$399.95 – $450
Jeep CherokeeJeep Cherokee (2015)Main Headlight BeamSpyderBlack LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights$429.44 – $450
Jeep LibertyJeep Liberty (2012)Main Headlight BeamOracle LightingChrome Factory Style Headlights with Color Halo$621.00 – $650
Jeep RenegadeJeep Renegade (2019)Main Headlight BeamSpyderBlack LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights$340.40 – $380
Jeep WranglerJeep Wrangler (2017)Main Headlight BeamLumen – 7″ Round Black Projector LED Headlights with Switchback Halo$324.95 – $350
Jeep RenegadeJeep Renegade (2016)Main Headlight BeamSpyderBlack LED DRL Bar Projector Headlights$340.40 – $350

Step by step to replace a Jeep headlight

Step by step to replace a Jeep headlight
  1. Unclip the latch on the side of the bonnet to open it.
  1. Disconnect the battery terminals
  1. Remove the screws that keep the front grilles in place and then take the grilles off to get to the headlights.
  1. Place one hand at the grille base to pop it out and the other at the top of the grille to lift it out.
  1. Take out the metal screws that hold the headlight casing together. Unplug the headlights after removing the casing.
  1. Replace it with the 7-inch LED lights by reassembling it in the same order as before.


Headlights come with various styles and features with a various number of headlight lumens, but their primary purpose is to improve night vision. People go out late at night for a variety of reasons. Not all places have adequate or efficient street lighting. A good headlight should be bright enough to see the road ahead of them. This would also make it easier for oncoming drivers to see the car from afar.

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