How to replace headlights on Chrysler

How to replace headlights on Chrysler

Various factors affect the lifespan of your vehicle’s headlight bulbs. From weather conditions to electrical faults, the average headlight bulb would last between 450 to 1,000 hours. However, you don’t have to wait till you’re stranded at night in the parking lot with headlights that won’t turn on before you think about replacing them. The headlights of your vehicle are as important as any other part of your car, and so you should pay close attention to them like you would to any other part of your car. This is why knowing when to replace your headlights is vital. 

When a headlight bulb burns out on your Chrysler, you do not need to rush to the repair store to have it replaced or call a towing vehicle because you couldn’t see the road properly. Rather, you can change the headlights yourself by gaining access to the bulb’s compartment from within the bonnet. 

Fun facts about Chrysler cars

Fun facts about Chrysler cars

Aside from the general importance of owning a ride which is to get from point A to B, owning a Chrysler car comes with many benefits, and some of them are:

  • Chrysler cars are luxurious cars. If you love to be perceived in a kind of way, we know that you should be mindful about the type of car you are purchasing. Chrysler Motors manufactures cars that come off as high-end. It gives off a certain luxurious feeling that you will appreciate. 
  • It is one of the best minivans in the market. Research shows that you cannot talk about minivans without mentioning Chrysler Motors. When people are making their list of top or best minivans, you are sure to see Chrysler in the list. This shows that it is a dependable vehicle. 
  • It has ample storage capacity. If you are thinking of comfort and convenience in a vehicle, you should think of Chrysler Motors. They manufacture cars with large storage capacity, and this especially comes in handy for families. Suppose you are going camping or on a picnic. You do not need to cramp necessities with you in the car as the boot has adequate space. 
  • It is stylish. Understandably, the concept of style is subjective. However, many people agree that Chrysler Motors has some stylish vehicles. Some people say that they would buy a Chrysler car if they want to show off. It seems there is a certain kind of prestige that comes with owning such a car. 
  • It is one of America’s top car brands. For a car to have the reputation of being one of America’s top car brands, you can be sure that its specifications are top-notch. Chrysler vehicles are well-balanced while driving them, and you are also assured of your safety. There are almost no regrets that come with owning a Chrysler car. 
  • It comes with a V6 engine. If you know much about cars, you will agree that a V6 engine is one of the best out there. It allows your vehicle to have high performance and is also fuel-economical. 

Now, let us talk about Kia cars, the headlights of the different models, and their prices. 

Chrysler car headlights by prices, application, and model

Chrysler carCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Chrysler 300Chrysler 300 (2017) 300CMain Headlight BeamPacific Best Replacement $302.41 – $336.68 
Chrysler PacificaChrysler Pacifica (2020)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight Lens and Housing $289.88 – $534.00 
Chrysler 200Chrysler 200(2016)Main Headlight BeamReplace Replacement Headlight $371.31 – $797.01 
Chrysler AspenChrysler Aspen(2009)Main Headlight Beam Pacific Best Replacement Headlight $116.63 – $239.94 
Chrysler car headlights by prices, application, and model

How to change a Chrysler headlight 

Here are the steps to follow to change your Chrysler car headlight. Tools you may need include a socket set and gloves.

Step 1

Identify the faulty bulb. When driving, it may be hard to identify which of the bulbs have gone dim. Thus, you can come out of your car to check, then go back and turn off your ignition. It is not right to have your vehicle running when you want to carry out any electrical procedure.

Step 2 

Open your hood. The hood or the bonnet of your car has to be open when you want to make a Chrysler car headlight replacement. It is in this region that you would do all the work, so the next step is to have it open. 

Step 3 

Remove the faulty bulb. It is important to note that there will be a headlight covering over this bulb, so you have to take out that covering first. You have to be delicate with taking out the covering as you would need to put it back later, so it is crucial. The headlight covering usually has two screws, so you will need something that can help in unscrewing them.  You will also need to turn the headlight bezel counterclockwise to release it from its assembly, letting the wire harness from the bulb.

Step 4 

Connect the new bulb. The next step will be to fit the new bulb into the wire harness. We recommend that you wear a glove so that you do not mistakenly break the glass. To fit it into the harness, you have to do the same procedure as removal. However, you will turn the headlight bezel clockwise this time so it can fit into the assembly. 

Step 5 

Replace the screws. Remember the screws you had to take out earlier? You need to put them in now so that the headlight stays in place. If you do not do this, your headlight will fall off while you are driving. 

Step 6 

Test the headlights. Once you are sure that everything is in place, turn on your headlights. If you are satisfied with how it is working, close your hood and continue driving to your destination. 

How to change a Chrysler headlight 


It is never wrong to always have spare headlight bulbs in your car as you never know when you might need them. However, you should ensure you have a Headlight restoration kit handy as the reason for most Dim beams might not be due to a failing bulb but an oxidized Headlight lens. 

With your Headlight restoration kit, you do not always need to go to the mechanic when you have a fog-like headlight lens. Rather, you can get rid of oxidation by following the complete guide to headlight restoration

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