How to replace headlights on Aston Martin

How to replace headlights on Aston Martin

If you love to do things yourself, we know that you will enjoy reading this article as we are here to give you a hack at replacing your car headlights. 

One might be thinking, why would anyone focus on the headlights of a car? While we are going to see the importance of maintaining your car headlights, some people even say that the headlights of a car are the least important part of a vehicle. However, you are mistaken. 

A car is like the human body, and you have to take care of all parts of your body. If all parts of your body play an important role, the same thing applies to your car. All the parts of a vehicle are essential, and you cannot overlook one for the other. 

If there are some things you can do to cut down on expenses, you should try to do it as it makes life easier. One of such is changing your car headlights. It saves you the stress and costs that come with going to a mechanic. 

In this article, you will learn about Aston Martin’s car headlights replacement and the possible prices of these headlights.

However, let us look at some reasons why people buy Aston Martin cars?

Why do people buy Aston Martin cars

Why do people buy Aston Martin cars

Out of the numerous cars worldwide, why do some people choose Aston Martin cars? Isn’t it expensive to maintain?

Here are some of the reasons:

  • It is an investment. When you purchase something reliable and does not wear out quickly, you will see that it serves as an investment. In some cases, you will buy a car, and it has you going to the mechanic weekly. The cost of making repairs will be higher than what you used in purchasing that vehicle. However, you do not get to experience this with an Aston Martin car. We are not saying that you will never go to a mechanic when you own an Aston Martin vehicle. However, it will not be frequent, and it will mostly be for maintenance purposes. 
  • It is fun to drive. Owners of Aston Martin cars will agree that there is something unique and different about these vehicles. From the way it is built to how it is well-balanced on the road, you will always look forward to driving if you own any of these cars. Some people complain that driving is stressful. But it is fun with the right vehicle. Although there are other ways to improve your driving, if you want a car with enjoyable dynamics, you should go for an Aston Martin vehicle. 
  • The looks of the car. Once you see an Aston Martin car, something in you wants to buy it. It has a compelling aura that pushes you to make a purchase. These cars are beautiful and can be a source of bragging rights if you own one. If looks are one of the things you consider when you want to buy anything, we know that you would choose an Aston Martin car. 
  • Its engine. The engine of an Aston Martin vehicle is durable. Sometimes, when people get tired of using this car, they sell it off. You will rarely get complaints about engine failure from anyone who drives an Aston Martin. 

There is almost an endless list of reasons why people will buy an Aston Martin vehicle. These are a few out of the numerous. 

Aston Martin car models, their headlights, and the prices. 

Aston Martin car models their headlights and the prices
Aston Martin carCar typeApplicationProductPrice
Aston Martin Zagato Aston Martin Zagato (2014)LED Halo Headlights EVO Lighting LED Halo Kit for Headlights $42.64 – $49.27 
Aston Martin DB9Aston Martin (2012)LED Halo HeadlightsEVO Lighting LED Halo Kit for Headlights$42.64 – $49.27
Aston Martin DBX Aston Martin DBX (2020)LED Halo Headlights EVO Lighting LED Halo Kit for Headlights$42.64 – $49.27 

Step by step to replace an Aston Martin car headight

Step by step to replace an Aston Martin car headight

If you own an Aston Martin car, here are the steps you need to follow to replace the headlight of your Aston Martin car:

Step 1 

Turn off your ignition. It is not right to have your ignition running when you are changing your car headlight. This is to avoid mishaps as you always have to be safety-conscious in anything you are doing. It is essential to remember that changing your car headlight is electrical, which may spark off danger if your ignition is running.

Step 2 

Open your hood. The hood of your car is the home to your headlights, and you cannot do anything if it is not open. In addition, it lets you gain access to the electrical assembly, allowing you to do all the work.

Step 3 

Dismantle your electrical assembly. You will need to remove the bolts and screws that are holding your electrical assembly together. Typically, a flat screwdriver should come in handy to help in this process. You need to be careful when carrying out this process as you do not want to injure yourself. It will be best if you wear a glove during your Aston Martin car headlight replacement. 

Step 4 

Remove the old bulb. Once all the bolts and screws are out, the next step would be to remove the old bulb. You would have to twist it gently to ensure that it does not break. It may be an old bulb, but you do not want it to break. If it breaks, it may injure you in the process. Once the old bulb is out, you need to put in a new bulb. You will also need to twist it gently to ensure that it is secured and stays fastened. You do not want your bulb to fall off after you think that you are done. 

Step 5 

Put things back. Note that you had to remove all the obstacles because they served as coverage to your headlights. Thus, it would be best to put them back correctly to ensure that your headlights are protected. 


Now, you can see that the process involved in Aston Martin car headlights replacement is not complex. In fact, you can make use of headlight restoration products to achieve the same clean and bright headlight lens.  

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