How to decorate your car

How to decorate your car

It is human nature to want to decorate our personal spaces. Everything from our cubicles, offices, and lockers to our living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms is beautifully decorated, but what about the interior of your car? You spend a lot of time in your car, so make the most of it by incorporating some of these cute and innovative car décor ideas!

10 Ways to decorate your car interior

10 Ways to decorate your car interior
  • Put polaroid pictures in your visor

Put a lovely Polaroid picture in your visor if you’re looking for simple car decoration ideas that don’t require a lot of preparation and design. You can use a beautiful Polaroid picture of yourself with friends, family, pets, or even a nice selfie!

  • Store scrunchies on your gear stick

This is one of the most imaginative car-decorating ideas because it prevents you from misplacing your scrunchies. You may add an adorable ambiance to your car while also keeping an eye on those elusive scrunchies by placing them on your gear shifter.

  • Cute stickers with creative placement
Cute stickers with creative placement to decorate the car

When it comes to creative car decoration ideas, you can have some fun with the many buttons, knobs, and other various features of the car’s interior by strategically placing cute stickers. For example, a circular sticker could be placed on the volume knob, or snowflakes may be placed around the air conditioning vents – get creative and have fun!

  • Get a lovely steering wheel cover

Steering wheel covers is one of the greatest ways to accessorize your car while also cleaning it! Consider a matching vibe for your steering wheel cover if you’re using any of the other car décor ideas on our list. The second item on this list, on the other hand, will provide you with a wide selection of possibilities for determining the vibe in your car.

  • Install colorful LED light strips
Install colorful LED light strips for decorate car

Install colored LED light strips near the floor of your car if you want to completely decorate your car’s interior with colorful décor. If your car still makes use of halogen bulbs, here are some creative ways to upgrade your car headlights from stock to LED. This way, you can choose any color you want, whenever you want, depending on your mood and who is riding with you in your car.

  • Pop some hula dancers on the dashboard

Who doesn’t love a car with charming miniature hula dancers on the dashboard? There are also scented hula dancers that double as car air fresheners! When using hula dancers to decorate your car interior, the choices are truly endless.

  • Customize interior door panels with cute art

Customizing the inner door panels with beautiful artwork is one of the finest ways to decorate the inside of your car! You might need some help with this one. If you go with this car décor idea, make sure the colors and patterns complement the rest of your décors, such as the steering wheel cover or any stickers you have placed in your car.

  • Make use of those try cleaning hooks

Do you have those roof-mounted dry cleaning hooks in your car? You know the ones you use for clothes or dry cleaning once in a while? Why not use them to your advantage while designing the interior of your car? Dry cleaning hooks in your car can be used to hang everything from dream catchers to air fresheners and more. As always, be innovative and have a good time!

  • Meaningful gifts & sentimental creations

Get an old painting from your youth or a lucky silver coin from your grandpa when he returned from the war. Hang it anywhere in your car — maybe in the rearview mirror — and enjoy its presence every time you drive! If you’re comfortable doing so, you can tell passengers the story behind the treasured piece in your car.

  • Use unique air fresheners
Use unique car air fresheners

Unique, hilarious air fresheners are the perfect decoration for your car interior. You can decorate your car using unique air fresheners to pay tribute to your favorite TV shows and celebrities.

  • Clean your car exterior

Car cleaning and detailing goes beyond ensuring your car looks neat. It also helps to prolong the lifespan of your car. So, while it’s amazing to decorate the interior of your car to look lovely, make use of car cleaning products to wash your car and headlight restoration kit like Clear Light Tech to renew the looks of your car headlights. 

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