How to Decorate Your Car for Halloween

How to decorate your car for Halloween

It’s obviously that time of the year where we all show our outstanding creativity through decorations! But while we are used to decorating our homes for Christmas, New year’s Eve, Easter and other iconic dates, have you ever thought of decorating for Halloween? “Halloween, according to Elvis Duran, is not only about putting on a costume, but it’s about finding the imagination and costume within ourselves.”

So, decorating for Halloween can be a really fun activity for the whole family to partake-in. However, it doesn’t end there! What makes Halloween different is that feeling of cold air and spooky dangers lurking around the corner with bags of sweets. This most ghoulish night of the year where you can be who you want to be is also a great opportunity to extend your inward personality and decors to your car. In case you don’t know how to go about it, read on to find out how you can decorate your car for Halloween. 

Steps to decorate your car to look scary for Halloween

  • Step 1: Choose a theme.
Steps to decorate your car to look scary for Halloween

It doesn’t matter if you have decided to go to a “trunk or treat” event with your friends and family or you wish to drive around town in style. The first step to decorating your car for Halloween is to pick a theme that speaks to you. To get inspiration for your favorite theme, consider selecting a character from your favorite horror movie or cartoon. I can assure you the options are pretty endless! 

You can decorate your car like the “Green hornet,” “Batmobile,” “The Mask,” or any other famous movie. 

If movies and anime aren’t your thing, you can opt for a scary theme like a graveyard, pirate ship, witches, and spiderweb. 

But, if you have kids and you wouldn’t want to make your decorations very scary, you can pick a sweet theme from one of your kid’s favorite Disney movies. 

  • Step two: Choose a decoration that’s safe for the road. 
fe for the road car halloween trick and truck

Now that you have your theme and set to begin your decoration, it’s vital that your decoration is road worthy especially if you want to drive and spread spooky cheer all over town. To ensure your decorations doesn’t affect your driving, 

Avoid decorating your Headlights with materials that would hinder the outflow of your car’s headlight beam. 

Wipe your car headlights with a headlight restoration wipe to clear out oxidation and build-ups. 

Change your car headlight bulbs if they don’t emit bright headlights or if they appear dim. 

  • Step three: Dress to match 
Dress to match yourself car math for halloween

After decorating your car with your favorite theme that’s safe for you as the driver and for your car, the next step is to wear your costumes to match the decoration you have decided to make. 

Decorating your car on Halloween to match the scary outfit you and your family has picked is a perfect way for everyone to pull together a spooky expression. 

For example, if your family has decided to dress up as freddy or as a pirate, then turn your car to symbolize nightmare or to look like a pirate ship. 

  • Step Four: Use Washable Glass Markers and Hand Fake Limbs. 
Use Washable Glass Markers and Hand Fake Li for halleoween

For your scary write-ups, make use of washable markers and not permanent ones. Draw spooky Halloween designs, write famous lines from popular Horror movies, and add orange polka dots of howling ghosts. When Halloween is over you can simply wash the design off using a microfiber towel and soap. 

Additionally, use restoration wipes on your car glasses like your headlight, the tail light, back, and front windows. To ensure they aren’t only clean but restored incase of an existing scratch or yellowed colouration. 

You can purchase a Headlight restoration kit online and have it delivered to you anywhere in the world. Simply click on the buy your car restoration wipe to make your order. In the same vein, you can walk into a superstore like Walmart, your local repair store, or Amazon to purchase your Clear Light Tech Restoration Wipes. 

  • Step five: Add candy 
Add candy for car halleoween

While kids would be wowed by a well-decorated and scary car, their true love for this Halloween is really candy and every treat Halloween has to offer. So, pick treats and candies that fit your theme. Ensure you buy enough for all the sugar-loving kids in your neighborhood. 

To make it easy for the kids to access, you can sprinkle candies in your trunk or place it in a container decorated to match your theme. If you are using a pirate theme, you can have a treasure chest. 

  • Step six: Incorporate a game 
Incorporate a game 

Aside from decorating your car to look scary and giving out treats, one other way to stand out in your Halloween celebration is to incorporate game activities for the kids who would come begging for candies. Games like fishing for candy in a pool of treats at the ocean-themed trunk is a great way to start. 

Kids can play a game before receiving their candy. For example, if you are using a soccer themed decor, you can have kids score goals to receive candy. 

Finally: put on some music. 

Once you are done with your decoration and have set up your candy, add a little music. You can do this with your car radio or bring in your own speaker.

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