How often should i restore my car headlights

How often should i restore my car headlights

Car headlight burnouts can be one of the most frustrating aspects of driving at night especially when it happens on transits. This is why any car owner would agree with me that it’s critical for car headlights to be in great shape and functioning excellently at all times. But how can that be achieved? The answer is Regular car headlight restoration

Restoring your car headlights regularly goes beyond the traditional detailing. It also covers regular car servicing and headlight restoration from oxidation. So, how often should you be doing all these? As we constantly advise our readers, we would recommend at the minimum, at least twice every 12 month. However, if your driving routine covers a lot of distances per day, it would make sense to have your car headlights restored more often – perhaps three times every 6 months. 

With that being said, as a general rule of thumb, you should have your car headlights restored at least once every 12,000 miles. Depending on your area, your car headlights can get oxidised, foggy, dirty, or become yellow from road grits and if not properly taken care of using headlight restoration kits, can impede your visibility. 

Also, by the time your car clocks 12,000 miles, your coolant may have evaporated partially and your car oil would be due for a change. But with the knowledge of car maintenance; such as knowing the fluids in your car and how to check regularly, you can easily ensure your car is always in perfect working condition. 

Why is it so important to restore your car headlights regularly

Why is it so important to restore your car headlights regularly

The importance of restoring your car headlights regularly cannot be overemphasized. By restoring your car headlights: 

  • It would be safer for you to drive at night without sudden burnouts – benefitting you as the owner/driver, your passengers, and other road users. 
  • You will be able to uncover some hidden problems during the restoration process and fix them before they become serious. That alone would reduce the cost of car repair and save you money. 
  • Your car headlights would not go dim suddenly as it would always be at its best. 
  • The car’s resale value would be high as the headlights would appear new and shiny due to regular headlight restoration. 


From what we’ve discussed so far about headlight restoration and sound car maintenance culture, we can only conclude that there is no universal fixed period for car headlights restoration. Rather, you should ensure you restore your car headlights as often as possible depending on how you make use of it. 

While a full headlight replacement might cost you a fortune, you can make use of a headlight restoration kit for your headlights and ensure you clean your car’s body regularly. Check your car oil fluids and service your car. 

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