How much does it cost to replace a headlight bulb

How much does it cost to replace a headlight bulb

Your headlights keep you safe when visibility of the road and other drivers is impaired. You’ll need to replace your headlights if they start to fail because you need to stay visible to those drivers and see where you’re going.

While prices differ significantly from one car to another and from one mechanic to another, you should expect to pay around $70 on average to change your headlight. Labor should cost around $50, with parts costing around $20 per headlight.

What is headlight bulb replacement

What is headlight bulb replacement

The majority of the time, replacing a headlight is simple and quick. However, because so many parts must be removed and the headlamp is an expensive component, it takes longer and costs a lot of money in some cars. In most cases, all you need to do is replace the headlight, but there are situations when a major electrical fault needs to be addressed.

Benefits of headlight bulb replacement

Driving with your headlights on as they should be is significantly safer. After the headlight has been replaced, you can drive again at night and in foggy weather and heavy rains. Your car will be more visible, and you will have a better view of the road—no need to be worried about being stopped by the police due to a malfunctioning or broken headlight.

What is done during headlight bulb replacement

What is done during headlight bulb replacement

In most cars, this is a simple procedure. The back of the headlamp assembly will have to be removed by the mechanic. Then he must disconnect the headlight from the electrical wires that keep it in place and provide power to it. After that, it’s just a question of removing the old bulb and replacing it with the new one, then reconnecting everything.

Some cars have a more intricate process that takes considerably longer and requires more tasks, but it’s quick and easy for the most part. Of course, after installing the new headlamp, the mechanic will want to test it to make sure it works properly.

When to get a headlight bulb replacement

When you need a new headlight bulb, it’s possible that it’s not entirely dead. If it only lights up intermittently or produces a dim light, it’s time to replace it. Of course, if your headlight bulb has entirely failed, it is no longer safe to drive at night or in poor weather, and you must have it replaced immediately. It is possible to drive a car with a bulb out, but not advised. You risk being in a low-light position; where you can’t make your car stand out enough to drive safely. Even driving without a bulb during the day can be dangerous, as you may encounter fog or heavy rain, both of which need the use of a headlight.

How to save money on headlight bulb replacement

How to save money on headlight bulb replacement

If you want to save money by doing this task yourself, it may be the best option. This is one of the simplest repairs you can make on most cars. If you have a problem and are unsure how to change the headlight, you should take your car to a mechanic for assistance or have your car headlights restored using a headlight restoration kit. You may also check prices for other mechanics using this service.

Sample headlight bulb replacement costs

Ford F-Series$72-$92$36-$52$108-$144
Chevrolet Silverado$90-$114$32-$52$122-$166
Ford Focus$72-$92$18-$26$90-$118
Toyota Camry$45-$57$15-$27$60-$84
Toyota Corolla$45-$57$15-$27$60-$84
Nissan Altima$27-$34$16-$26$43-$60
Honda CR-V$54-$69$32-$52$86-$121
Honda Civic$54-$69$32-$52$86-$121
Honda Accord$54-$69$32-$52$86-$121
Ford Fusion$72-$92$18-$26$90-$118
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