5 Habits that are seriously compromising your car headlights

5 Habits that are seriously compromising your car headlights

Doesn’t matter whether you are a night guy or the one who hates to hang out at night but still he has to. In both scenarios, safety should be your number one priority and it is impossible to have it without the proper view of your surroundings. Without safety, your driving experience can turn into a nightmare of your life. This is where headlights come in handy. Headlights are the crucial part of your vehicle and also the most fragile one. Several habits could seriously compromise your car headlights and I am sure that you will have some of those habits too. So that’s why I have organized this blog to tell you the 5 habits that are seriously compromising your car headlights and how to fix them. 

Here are the 5 bad habits:

  • Bad Wiring
  • Parking in Sun
  • Starting with Headlights On
  • Bad Holders
  • Poor Maintenance

1. Bad Wiring:

Bad Wiring

The first and the most common habit that seriously affects the car headlights are driving with poor or damaged connections. Most people don’t care about them too much or completely ignore them. But remember installing car headlights is not an easy task. I understand you might be thinking. “Oh, Man! It is just like replacing a bulb. There is no rocket science in it. Why should I bother about it?” But wait! I can tell you several incidents of cars catching fire while driving or even when parked. And in most of the cases, the reason was found to be a bad connection or poor wiring done to a car while headlights installation. So you must take care of them.

2. Parking in Sun:

Parking car headlight in Sun

Sun can damage the car paint, interior, or even the car’s engine that’s why it is always recommended not to park your car directly under the sun. But do you know there is another major damage that happens to a car because of the sun? It is something that happens so quietly that no one notices it. Yes, you guessed it right. It is a yellowish headlight. Parking in sun for few hours is not a big deal. But if you have a habit of parking anywhere you find the place, especially under the sun. Then it’s time to change your habit. The Sunrays especially the UVs directly affect the car headlights. Unlike Glass headlights back in school days. Today’s modern car uses plastic instead of glass. Plastic is very sensitive to UV’s and turns yellowish if exposed directly to the sun. So now you know why not to park your car in sun. But if it’s too late and your car headlights are already gone yellow then don’t worry. In this case, you need a restoration kit to bring their shine back.

3. Starting with Headlights On:

Starting with Headlights car On

Most people have the bad habit of starting their car while the headlights are on. This is the number one reason that seriously compromises their lifespans. When you start your car, for two to three seconds, Your car’s electricity fluctuates. This sudden change directly affects the filament present inside the bulbs, causing them to lose glow or even fuse them. So remember when the next time you start your car. Put the headlights in the off position. In this way, the lifespan of the headlights will increase and their life will not compromise.

4. Damaged Holders:

Damaged headlight Holders

Do your car headlights vibrate while driving or do you face the need of aligning them after almost every drive? If any of the problems occur with you. Then there are high chances that the bulb’s holders have gone bad. Holders are usually made of plastic, designed to hold the bulb inside the headlight unit. The plastic material damps out most of the vibration caused by the engine or road. But with time these plastics get damaged or cracked and if you don’t replace them they cause problems. If you have developed the habit of driving with these conditions and don’t care about them. Then be smart because they can cause you unnecessary pullovers by the cops.

5. Poor Maintenance:

Poor headlights Maintenance

Last but not least. Can you tell me how many times do you clean your car headlights? One, Two, Or maybe three. Heck, I’m pretty sure that you have never cleaned your car headlights since day one. No, that habit of wiping them with a microfiber cloth is not enough. Headlights are a delicate part of the car and require special treatment to keep them clear and new. You have to learn the proper way of cleaning the headlights and trust me it will not be an easy task.


But wait I got something special for you. I understand headlights maintenance is not an easy task. But don’t worry I have a special product for you called Headlight Restoration Kit. It’s a specially designed formula to give your car headlights a new look without the hassle of performing all those lengthy steps. Just give it a try. It will save you big money and time in restoration.

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